This brief history of the Brook family is based on records that are readily available either in Huddersfield Central Library or via the internet.

Prior to 1837 there were no National Registers and Parish Records are the main source of family information. These are however quite basic and provide little information that can be used to confirm relationships. The marriage records, prior to 1837, did not include any further details such as occupations and fathers names although occasionally a family member may be found as a witness.

The introduction of Birth, Marriage and Death Registers and Certificates in 1837 meant that a national index of these records was created. Until recently this index has to be searched manually, quarter by quarter. However a web site ( www.freebmd.org.uk ) is being compiled by volunteers which is a valuable resource to family history researchers. Copies of full certificates can be obtained from Register Offices for fee (currently £7.00 each). For marriages the information is also available in the Church Registers, many of which have been copied by County Archive Services and are available in libraries. Baptism and Burial Registers have been similarly copied but these do not contain the complete set of information held by Registrars.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has copied a vast number of Parish Records, primarily to enable retrospective baptism of ancestors into the Mormon Church. They have transcribed and indexed these records and made the results freely available on the internet.

Census Records

The first census national census was taken in 1811 but it was not until 1841 that useful family history information was included. Even so adults ages were rounded down to the nearest five years. From 1851 ages and family relationships have been more accurately recorded. Copies of enumerators books are available on fiche records in libraries and some are now available on the internet although a charge is usually made. The exception is the 1881 census which has been transcribed and made available by the Mormon Church.

The 1901 census is the most recent census in the UK to be available for viewing.

In this article the names of James Cyril Brook and his direct ancestors are highlighted in bold type.

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