1The Brook Family

1.1James Brook, 1772 -

On the 25th December 1772 James Brook was christened at Holmfirth Chapel. He was the son of John Brook of Kilnhouse Bank. The register simply records:

James, son of John Brook of Kilnhouse Bank.

Holmfirth Chapel was, at that time, a Chapel of Ease for All Hallows Parish Church at Kirkburton. Baptisms were carried out at Holmfirth but were recorded in the Register at the parish church in Kirkburton.

Kilnhouse Bank is in the extensive township of Cartworth, which existed from pre Doomsday times, in the ancient parish of Kirkburton. Whilst centered on the hilltop, it extended westward as far as the River Holme in the area we now know as Hinchliffe Mill and Holmbridge. Across the river was the township of Austonley.

Assuming his father moved a little way along the valley to Waterside, the following may be siblings of James:

Baptised 30 Dec 1780, Sally, dau of John Brook of Waterside, Cartworth

Baptised 19 May 1782, Jonathan, son of John Brook of Waterside, Cartworth

Baptised 28 April 1784, Joshua, son of John Brook of Waterside, Cartworth

Baptised 6 May 1785, John, son of John Brook of Waterside, Cartworth

Baptised 18 May 1787, Hannah, dau of John Brook of Waterside, Cartworth

It is also possible that James' father, John, was the son of John Brook of Lane Head, Cartworth as recorded in the Baptism Register at Holmfirth:

Baptised 21 April 1745, John, son of John Brook of Lane Head, Cartworth.

On the 18th April 1790 a baptism is recorded at Holmfirth as follows:

Jonathan, son of James Brook of Cartworth Mill

However, it was not until the 30th January 1792 that James made his way to the Parish Church in Kirkburton with Ruth Bray, his wife to be. The register records:

James Brook & Ruth Bray, both of Cartworth in this Parish. By banns.

James signed and Ruth made her mark in the register.

Further family baptisms followed at regular intervals at Holmfirth:

14 November 1792, John son of James Brook of Cartworth Mill

27 April 1794 Eli son of James Brook of Cartwright Mill

27 December 1795 Emor, son of James Brook of Cartworth Mill (Holmfirth)

13 April 1800 Mary dau of James and Ruth Brook of Cartworth Mill,

Born 6 Mar 1800

11 April 1802 James son of James and Ruth Brook of Cartwright Mill

Born 4 March 1802

A further son, William, also appears to be in the family, but his baptism record has not yet been found.

On the 27th December 1819 there must have been quite a family party making their way to Kirkburton for the register records two Brook marriages:

Amor (sic) Brook & Lydia Heap, both of this Parish, by banns with the consent of parents. Married 27th Dec 1819. Witnesses: Eli Brook, William Hinchliffe.

William Brook & Elizabeth Hinchcliffe, both of this parish, by banns, with the consent of parents. 27th Dec 1819. Witnesses: Eli Brook, William Hinchcliffe.

1.2Emor Brook 1795 - 1846

Emor, the son of James Brook was baptised at Holmfirth:

27 December 1795 Emor, son of James Brook of Cartworth Mill (Holmfirth)

He was the fourth of seven children who have been identified. Emor married Lydia Heap at Kirkburton in 1819. This was the same day that his brother William married and brother Eli was a witness at both marriages. The register records:

Amor (sic) Brook & Lydia Heap, both of this Parish, by banns with the consent of parents. Married 27th Dec 1819. Witnesses: Eli Brook, William Hinchliffe.

Emor and Lydia had at least eleven children who were baptised at Holmfirth Chapelry in the Parish of Kirkburton. There birth and baptism details were:

Mary, born 2 Jan 1820, baptised 28 Sept 1823 ... of Cartworth Mill

Ruth, baptised 22 April 1821...of Dover Mill

Hannah, baptised 9 May 1822 .... of Cartworth

Ann, baptised 1 February 1824 ... of Cartworth Mill

James, baptised 19 January 1826 ... of Dover Mill, Carrier

John, baptised 4 May 1828... of Dover, Farmer

Emor, baptised 25 January 1830 ... of Dover Mill, Cartworth, Farmer

Jane, baptised 28 December 1834 .... of Dover Mill, Cartworth, Labourer

It would be during this period that the family moved to Syke House at Scholes Moor, Children continued to be baptised at Holmfirth:

Lydia, baptised dau of Amor and Lydia Brooke of Syke House, Wooldale. Farmer.

Eli, baptised on 25th Feb 1843, son of Emor and Elizabeth (sic) Brooke of Scholes Moor, Wooldale. Farmer. Born 15th Jan 1843.

Elizabeth, Baptised on 11 May 1845, dau of Amor and Lydia Brook of Syke House in Wooldale. Farmer.

The baptism registers include the family abode and, occasionally,the fathers occupation. This has been shown if it was in the register.

From 1831 the Holmfirth registers also include baptisms for the children of a second Emor and Lydia Brook family. Their abode was given as Choppards and the father was a cloth dresser. A relationship to that family has not been established.

Pigots Directory of 1834 includes the following:

Carriers, to Hudderfield: Emor Brook, from Holmfirth every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

In 1841 the census for Emor and his family recorded:

Syke House, Wooldale

Emor Brook 45 farmer B:Yks

Lydia Brook 41 B:Yks

Ruth Brook 20 B:Yks

Hannah Brook 19 B:Yks

James Brook 15 B:Yks

John Brook 13 B:Yks

Emor Brook 11 B:Yks

Jane Brook 6 B:Yks

Lydia Brook 3 B:Yks

Their eldest daughter, Mary, is not shown with the family but this 1841 census record most likely includes her:

Brownhill Mill, Cartworth

George Battye head 40 Fulling Miller B:Yks

Marey Battye 40 B:Yks

Thomas Battye 20 Fulling Miller B:Yks

Ruth Battye 10 B:Yks

Matilda Battye 8 B:Yks

Mary Brook 20 Female servant B:Yks

Syke House is at Scholes Moor which was, in the nineteenth century, in the township of Wooldale. Until its own township was declared in the 1890's, Scholes was fragmented and various parts (in no logical manner) were included in the townships of Wooldale, Fulstone, Hepworth and Cartworth.

Daughter Ruth married George Wood in the summer of 1845 and by 1851 they were living in Scholes with three young daughters.

In 1846 Emor died. His death was registered in the March quarter of 1846 as:

Amor Brook, Huddersfield.

On 3rd February 1850 John married Martha Lindley at Kirkburton Parish Church.

In 1851 Lydia is still at Syke House with six of her children. The census shows:

Syke House, Wooldale

Lydia Brook widow 51 Carrier & Farmer B:Cartworth

James Brook son Un 25 Farmers son B:Cartworth

Emor Brook son Un 21 Farmers son B:Cartworth

Jane Brook dau U 16 B:Cartworth

Lydia Brook dau 13 B:Wooldale

Eli Brook son 8 Scholar B:Wooldale

Elizabeth Brook dau 6 B:Wooldale

Lydia has carried on Emor's business as a farmer and added to it that of carrier.

However by 1861 the family have left Syke House.

The Index of Registered Deaths includes entries which suggest that Lydia died in the first quarter 1853 and that her youngest son, Eli, died in the autumn of 1851. James may also have died since he is not to be found in the 1861 census.

Daughters Lydia and Elizabeth may also have married by 1861.

1.2.1Emor Brook 1830 -

Emor's baptism was registered at Holmfirth Parish church on 2 May 1830:

Emor son of Emor and Lydia Brook of Dover Mill, Cartworth, Farmer

Born 25 February 1830

By 1841 the family had moved to Syke House at Scholes Moor. Emor (sen) died in 1846 but Lydia and her family remained there in 1851.

It would appear that Lydia died in 1853 and that Emor (jun) married Emma from High Flatts in the following year. The couple started their married life at Scholes where their first three children were born. However by 1861 they had moved to Holmfirth (technically in the township of Upperthong).

Census 1861, Upper Mill, Upperthong:

Emor Brook head marr 31 Carrier B:Dover, Cartworth

Emma Brook daur (sic) mar 31 B:High Flatts, Penistone

Mary Brook dau 7 Scholar B:Scholes, Cartworth

Herbert Brook son 5 B:Scholes, Cartworth

Harriett Brook dau 2 B:Scholes, Cartworth

In 1871 the family was still at Upper Mill and more children had arrived.

Census 1871, Huddersfield Rd, Upper Mill, Upperthong:

Emor Brook head mar 41 Common carrier B:Cartworth

Emma Brook wife mar B:Denby

Mary Brook dau Unmar 17 worker at mill. B:Wooldale

Harriott A Brook dau Unmar 12 Wkr at Mill B:Holmfirth, Upperthong

Sarah Brook dau 9 Scholar B:Holmfirth, Upperthong

Emily Brook dau 7 Scholar B:Holmfirth, Upperthong

John Henry Brook son 4 Scholar B:Holmfirth, Upperthong

James Eli son 1 year Scholar B:Holmfirth, Upperthong

Emor died in the summer of 1877. Emma continued the business as is recorded in the 1881 census.

Census 1881, Upper Mill, Upperthong

Emma Brook head wid 50 B:High Flatts

Mary Brook dau Un 26 Woollen weaver B:Holmfirth

Harriett Brook dau Un 22 woollen weaver B:Holmfirth

Clara Brook dau Un 19 Cotton operative B:Upperthong

John H Brook son 15 Painters apprentice B:Upperthong

James E Brook son 11 scholar B:Upperthong

Emma J Brook dau 6 Scholar B:Upperthong

Ten years later Emma is still at Upper Mill with four of her children.

Census 1891, Upper Mill, Spring Grove, Upperthong.

Emma Brook head widow 60 B:Denby

Mary Brook dau S 35 B:Holmfirth

Clara Brook dau S 28 Cotton winder B:Holmfirth

Emma Jane Brook dau S 16 Woollen mender B:Holmfirth

Herbert S Brook G/son 4 Scholar B:Holmfirth

Joseph Hemsley Harling Boarder S 22 House painter B:Bingham, Notts

Thomas Stavely Harling Boarder S 18 Coach smith striker B:Bingham Notts

Emma was still at Upperthong, age 70, in 1901 but the details are not yet to hand

1.3John Brook 1829 -

John was born at Cartworth in 1829, the son of Emor and Lydia Brook. He lived with his parents and family at Cartworth and then at Syke House in Scholes Moor until his marriage to Martha Lindley. The marriage took place at the parish church in Kirkburton on 3rd February 1850. The register records:

John Brooke 22 bachelor, Farmer of Scholes Moor.

Father: Emor Brooke, Farmer.

Martha Lindley 21 spinster of Scholes.

Father: James Lindley, Clothier

Both parties made their mark.

Witnesses: Emor Brooke x (his mark) ; William Fitton

(The witness, Emor, would be John's younger brother since their father had died some years earlier.

In 1841 Martha Lindley was living with her father, his wife Hannah and her five siblings at Dean Ing, near Dean Bridge - in the township of Fulstone.

John and Martha had seven children, the first of which,Hannah, was born in 1850.

The 1851 census records:

Cross Bar, Wooldale

John Brook head mar 22 Agricultural Labourer B:Kirkburton

Martha Brook wife mar 22 B:Kirkburton

Hannah Brook dau 8 mo B:Kirkburton

NB: All were born in the ancient parish of Kirkburton. The township is not recorded here.

Then followed Lydia, born 1854; Emon, born 1856; Mary, born 1859 and James, born 1861.

In the 1861 census shows the family at Scholes, Fulstone:

John Brook head marr 33 Farmer & carrier B:Kirkburton

Martha Brooke wife marr 32 B:Kirkburton

Hannah Brook dau 10 Nurse (domestic) B:Kirkburton

Lydia Brook dau 7 B:Kirkburton

Emon Brook son 5 B:Kirkburton

Mary Brook dau 2 B:Kirkburton

James Brook son 2mths B:Kirkburton

Two further children followed:

Ellen, born 1864; and John, born 1867.

The Whites Clothing District Directory, published in 1870 included the following:

Page 450; SCHOLES: carriers; John Brook, to Huddersfield, daily.

By 1871 the family were living at Paris, Scholes, in the township of Hepworth. The census records:

Hepworth, Scholes, Paris

John Brooke(sic) Head marr 43 Carrier & Farmer b: Fulstone

Martha Brooke wife marr 42 Farmers wife b: Fulstone

Hannah Brooke dau 20 Domestic b: Fulstone

Lydia Brooke dau 17 Dressmaker b: Fulstone

Emon(sic) Brooke son 15 Farmers son b: Fulstone

Mary Brooke dau 12 Scholar b: Fulstone

James Brooke son 10 Scholar b: Fulstone

Ellen Brooke dau 7 Scholar b: Fulstone

John Brooke son 4 b: Fulstone

Sometime during this decade John died and their daughter Hannah has probably married. In the summer of 1879 their son Emor married Alice Booth. see chapter 2.3.1

Census 1881:

Lane House, Scholes, Hepworth

Martha Brook Head Wid 52 Carrier & Farmer 20 Acres B:Fulstone,

Lydia Brook Daur U 27 Dress Maker B:Wooldale

Mary Brook Daur U 22 Farmers Daughter B:Fulstone, York,

James Brook Son U 20 Agr. Lab. B:Fulstone

Ellen Brook Daur U 17 Farmers Daughter B:Hepworth

John Brook Son U 14 Farmers Son B:Hepworth

In the spring of 1884, Lydia has married William Carnelley Haigh. William is the son of David and Sarah Ann Haigh and in 1881 was living with them and his four sisters at Fulstone Hall. David was a farmer and wool agent.

In 1891 Lydia and William are living with her mother. Mary is not with her mother at that time so she may also have married.

Census 1891:

Lane House, Scholes.

Martha Brook head wid 61 Carrier B:Scholes, Hepworth

James Brook son U 30 Carrier B:Scholes, Hepworth

Ellen Brook dau U 27 Housekeeper B:Scholes, Hepworth

John Brook son U 24 Farmer B:Scholes, Hepworth

William C Haigh son in law Marr 33 Colliery secretary B:Knottingley

Lydia Haigh dau Marr 37 B:Scholes, Hepworth

In the autumn of 1892 James married Sarah Ann Sandford. See chapter 2.4

The 1901 census records:

Paris, Scholes

Martha Brook head widow 72 Farmer own account b: Scholes

Ellen Brooke dau S 36 Farmer b: Scholes

1.3.1Emor Brook

Emor was born at Scholes in 1856, the son of John and Martha Brook. He lived with his parents and family until 21 July 1879 when he married Alice Booth at New Mill Parish Church. The register records:

Emor Brook 23 bachelor, Carrier of Scholes. Father: John Brook, Carrier.

Alice was the daughter of Joseph and Hannah Booth who, in 1861 were living with their family of four children and an 18 year old servant at Tailors Terrace, Scholes.

In the census of 1881 Emor and Alice have a son and are living at Upper End, Fulstone:

Upper End, Fulstone

Emor Brook head marr 25 General carrier B:Wooldale

Alice Brook wife mar 27 B:Fulstone

Harry Brook son 9mths B:Fulstone

The census shows their neighbours living at Paris so Upper End is probably in Scholes. By 1891 the family has grown and they have moved a least twice. They now have three more sons: Arthur, born Wooldale, 1883; Frank, born Shepley, 1886 and Herbert, born Fulstone 1890

Census 1891:

The Conservative Club, New Mill, (White Hart), Fulstone

Emor Brook head mar 35 Publican B:Wooldale

Alice Brook wife marr 37 B:Fulstone

Harry Brook son 10 Scholar B:Wooldale

Arthur Brook son 8 Scholar B:Wooldale

Frank Brook son 5 Scholar B:Shepley

Herbert Brook son 1 B:Fulstone

Mary Turner servt S 23 General servant, domestic B:Sheffield

Emor died in the summer of 1892 age 36. He died suddenly and an inquest held at the White Hart found that he had committed suicide. The Huddersfield Weekly Examiner carried a report of the inquest in its issue of the 13th August:

Emor had, apparently, been "not well lately" and was found unconscious in bed by his wife. He was found to have consumed laudanum - which was intended as a medicine for the horse.

He was buried at Jackson Bridge Wesleyan Chapel where the register reads:

11 August 1892, Emor Brook of New Mill, age 36.

In 1901 Alice is at Wooldale with her sons:

Census 1901, Thorp Spout, Wooldale:

Alice Brook head widow 47 B:New Mill

Harry Brook son S 20 Stonemasons carter. B:Scholes

Arthur Brook son S 18 Drapers assistant B:Scholes

Frank Brook son 15 Drapers assistant B:Shepley, Lane Head.

Herbert Brook son 11 B:Sude Hill

George R Day nephew 12 B:Stancliffe.

1.4James Brook 1861-1929

James the son of John and Martha Brook was born in 1867 at Scholes. He lived with his parents and siblings until he married Sarah Ann Sandford in the autumn of 1892.

[The marriage details have not been found in any local archives. However they may have married at Jackson Bridge Wesleyan Chapel for which the archived records are not available for this period.]

Their first child, Harold, was born in the summer of 1894 (no baptism record found) and followed by Sam in 1895. Sam was baptised at Hepworth Parish Church on 1st Dec 1895. The Register reads:

Sam, son of James and Sarah Anne Brook of Scholes, Carrier.

Born 17 October 1895.

Their next child, Hilda, also baptised at Hepworth, on 8 March 1898. The Register reads:

Hilda Kathleen, dau of James and Sarah Ann Brook of Scholes.

Fathers occupation: Carrier. Born 25th March 1898.

Their youngest son, James Cyril was born on 9 November 1903. By this time the family had changed their allegiance to the Wesleyan Chapel at Jackson Bridge. James Cyril was christened there on 4 April 1904. The register reads:

Brook, James Cyril, son of James and Sarah Ann of Scholes.

During his teenage years James had been an agricultural labourer but following the death of his father he took on the carrier/carter role at least until after the 1901 census.

The Kelly's Directory of West Yorkshire published in 1897 includes the following:

on page 555, Holmfirth, Scholes:

Carriers to Huddersfield - Brook and Haigh, daily.

on page 408, Fulstone, New Mill:

carriers to Huddersfield - Jas Brook & Jonn Haigh, daily.

On 25th February 1922 James Cyril married Doris Robinson at Hepworth Parish Church. See chapter 2.5.

By this time James has given up the carrier business since on James Cyril and Doris' marriage register he gives his occupation as rag sorter.

Seven years later, on 19th July 1929 James died, aged 69. He was found drowned in Lee Mill dam in Scholes. At the inquest he was described as a retired carrier. Sarah Ann told the inquest that he had been in indifferent health in recent years and that he was subject to fits. She also mentioned that he had a brother who committed suicide some years earlier(see chap 2.3.1). James was buried in the graveyard at Jackson Bridge Wesleyan Chapel on the 22nd July 1929.

Sarah Ann died in her 76th year, on the 18th May 1940. She was buried on the 21st, with James, at Jackson Bridge.

Their grave is marked with a stone bearing the inscription:

"In Remembrance of James Brook who died July 19th 1929 aged 69 years.

Also Sarah Ann his wife died may 18th 1940 aged 76 years."

1.5James Cyril Brook 1904 -

James Cyril was the fourth and youngest child of James and Sarah Ann Brook. He was born on 9 November 1903 and baptised at Jackson Bridge Wesleyan Chapel on 4 April 1904. The register records:

4 April 1904, Brook, James Cyril, son of James and Sarah Ann of Scholes.

On 25th February 1922 Cyril married Doris Robinson at Hepworth Parish Church.

The register records:

James Cyril Brook 18 bachelor, Engineer, 2 Paris Road.

Father: James Brook, waste packer.

Doris Robinson 17 spinster, Weaver of 75 Main Gate.

Father: George Robinson, Blacksmith.

Witnesses: Sam Brook, Gordon Robinson

At the time of his marriage Cyril was described as an engineer but for most of his working life he maintained the family link to transport as a bus driver.

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