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Descendants of Joseph GILL

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  • Richard Gill
    • Born: Thurstonland
    • Christened:21 Oct 1792 at Kirkburton Parish Church.
    • Married: 28 Dec 1810 to Betty Hinchliff, the daughter of Mary Hinchliff of Scholes.
      • Baptised 9 July 1786 at Kirkburton
    • The couple had the following children:
      • Henry Gill
        • Born: 1811, at Milshaw
        • Christened:25 Feb 1811 at Kirkburton Parish Church.
      • John Gill
        • Born: 1814, at Thurstonland
        • Married: Rachel Hey , daughter of William Hey and Mary of Shelley.
          • Born: 7 August 1818.
              Baptised: 17 August 1818, Upper Shelley Independent Chapel.
            • The couple had the following child:
            • Mary Gill
              • Born: Dec 1840
      • Joseph Gill
        • Born: 17 March 1815, at Thurstonland
        • Christened:16 July 1815 at Kirkburton Parish Church.
      • Hannah Gill
        • Born: 1815
      • Jonathan Gill
        • Born: 5 June 1819, at Lydgate, New Mill
        • Christened:15 Sept 1819 at Lydgate Weslyan Chapel
      • Andrew Gill
        • Born: 23 Jan 1821, at Thurstonland
        • Christened:12 Aug 1821 at Kirkburton Parish Church.
      • Mary Gill
        • Born: 21 Jan 1823, at Thurstonland
        • Christened:18 May 1823 at Kirkburton Parish Church.
      • Wright Gill
        • Born: 1826, at Glossop
        • Christened:28 Dec 1826 at Littlemoor by Glossop Independent Chapel.
      • William Gill
        • Born: 29 Mar 1830, at Glossop
        • Christened:18 May 1830 at Littlemoor by Glossop Independent Chapel.
  • The following information has been provided by David R Gill of NY:

    Richard and his family emigrated to America in April 1841.
    The manifest of the Ship Constantine, from Liverpool to New Orleans, arriving 7 April 1841 incuded the following in the passenger list :
    Rich Gill 48 male Farmer
    Betsey Gill 55 Female
    Hannah Gill 26 Female
    Jonathon Gill 22 male Labourer
    Andrew Gill 20 male
    Mary Gill 18 female
    Wright Gill 14 male
    Wm Gill 12 male
    John Gill 27 female (sic)
    Rachell Gill 23 male (sic)
    Mary Gill 5 mths female.

    The family followed the Mississippi River to Cass County, IL.

    David also believes that Mary, b 1840, should infact be Henry:
    It is odd that John Gill is listed as female and Rachel Gill is listed as male and Henry is listed as female 5 months old with the name Mary. Do you suppose that is because of their accent? In the 1850 Federal Census, Henry was listed as Emily. Does that sound like "Enery"? I am trying to guess how John and Rachel would have spoken Henry's name.

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