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Descendants of George Wood

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George Wood, father of
  • Joshua Mallinson WOOD
    • Born: about 1828 in Huddersfield.
    • Married Harriet Turner
      • Born: about 1829 in Holmfirth.

      They had the following children:

      • William Turner WOOD
        • Born about 1853 in Taylor Hill.
      • Jane Alma WOOD
        • Born: about 1855 in Taylor Hill
        She had the following child:
          • Agnes Penelope WOOD
            • Born: 15 Jan 1876 in Close Hill, Almondbury, Huddersfield.
            • Married: 23 Sep 1899 to Harry BERRY in Lockwood (Emanuel) Parish Church , Huddersfield. Family Link
            • Died: Dec 1966 in Salendine Nook.
            • Buried: Lockwood Cemetry
        • Married: 4 Mar 1876 to Charles EASTWOOD in Newsome Parish Church, Huddersfield.
          • Born:1855 in Almondbury, the son of Joseph EASTWOOD They had the following children:
            • Florence EASTWOOD
              • Born: about 1877 in Almondbury.
            • Allen EASTWOOD
              • Born: about 1879 in Almondbury.
            • William Hy EASTWOOD
              • Born: about Dec 1880 in Almondbury.

          • Joseph WOOD
            • Born: about 1857 in Taylor Hill.
          • Turner WOOD
            • Born: about 1859 in Taylor Hill.
          • Allen WOOD
            • Born: about 1861 in Taylor Hill.
          • Edgar WOOD
            • Born: about 1864 in Taylor Hill.
          • Fred Mallinson WOOD
            • Born: about 1867 in Taylor Hill.

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