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Descendants of Thomas Pontefract

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Thomas Pontefract

  • Married: Tamar.
They had the following children:
  • Annie Eliza
    • Born: about 1864 at Thurstonland
  • Miriam
    • Born: about 1866 at Thurstonland
  • Jabez Mellor
    • Born: about 1868 at Thurstonland
  • Sarah Ellen
    • Born: about 1871 at Thurstonland
  • Joe
    • Born: about 1874 at Thurstonland
  • Gertrude
    • Born: about 1875 at Thurstonland
    • Married: 16 October 1902 to Arthur THEWLIS in Thurstonland Parish Church. Family Link
  • Albert
    • Born: about 1879 at Thurstonland