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MI Plot noGrave refpagerec numgiven namesurnameabodeburial dateageofficialaddit notes
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11231244HarrietAllattThurstonland18 Oct 188718EB
11242333BettyAllcottThurstonland24 Mar 189655JL
14345355EmmaAllottThurstonland6 May 189961JL
16123BetsyArmitageThurstonland8 Oct 187633RBT
17130EdgarArmitageThurstonland1 May 18778 mthsRBT
69569516124ElizabethArmitageWhitestones Thurstonland22 Dec 187666RBT
7211½33260ElsieArmitageHonley Moor13 Jul 188913 mthsJL
16122Fred ArmitageWhitestones Stocksmoor30 Aug 1876infantJC Son of Edwin Armitage
1185John WoodArmitageThurstonland27 Aug 187371RBT
88533258MinnieAtkinsonMarsh Hall23 Apr 18896mthJL
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572723182JoshuaBaileyThurstonland9 Sep 188216 hrsJL
13844348Ann BarkerFixby23 Apr 189876JL
13840317GeorgeBarkerThunder Bridge Thurstonland12 Feb 189480JL
21166HarryBarkerGrange Thurstonland27 Apr 18811 weekDH
43340Dorothy FlorenceBarrowSchool House Thurstonland21 Feb 189716 mthsJL
18141WilliamBatesBroad Lane Top Thurstonland30 May 18784 wksDH
6971291JonathanBeaumontThurstonland7 Feb 187483RBT
OG35277William EdwardBlamiresStocksmoor27 Jan 18919 mthJL
18140Eliza BoardmanThurstonland30 Mar 187873DH
87787741327BenjaminBoothNew Holland Barrow on Humber21 May 189525JL
22169JonasBoothThurstonland30 May 188160DH
318JosephBoothThurstonland Bank3 Jun 186460GL
87687637291JosephBoothColne4 May 189234JL
87833262MarionBoothThurstonland5 Dec 18894JL
28217MarthaBoothGildersome16 Jan 188681JL
1294Phoebe AnnBoothThurstonland21 Apr 187414mthsRBT
87729228SamBoothThurstonland30 Oct 188632JL
21162ThomasBoothThurstonland26 Feb 188131DH
878A40320Thomas Henry BoothThunder Bridge Thurstonland6 Jun 18943JL
73130234AlfredBoothroydThurstonland29 Mar 188728JL
14032256JohnBoothroydThurstonland7 Mar 188953JL
52732251ErnestBottomleyThe Height Thurstonland12 Jul 188834JL
57526205JohnBottomleyThe Height Thurstonland16 Feb 188573JL
57538304SarahBottomleyLate of the Height Thurstonland27 Feb 189376JL
174Mary ElizabethBrayNew Mill28 Jan 188222DH
1289AbelBrookCrosland Moor Workhouse7 Jan 187436JWH
75575429232ElizabethBrookThurstonland28 Feb 188770
75775615115HannahBrookThurstonland21 Dec 187545RBT
75775744345James BrookThurstonland27 Apr 189771JL
755754/75528218JohnBrookThurstonland24 Feb 188669RBT
641Mary HannahBrookThurstonland29 Sep 186819RBT
1182NancyBrookMillbrook11 Jul 187381RC
754TomBrookeThurstonland11 Jul 187050RBT
86887135279Mary Ellen BrownStocksmoor24 Feb 189125
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16345359HenryCartwrightMarsh Hall13 Dec 189956JL
72236284EdgarChambersWhitestones Thurstonland1 Sep 18912 mthJL
72229225NormanChambersStocksmoor9 Jun 188610 mthsJH
72245357WillieChambersStocksmoor 20 Aug 189914mthsJL
5244347BartleCoatesThurstonland20 Oct 18976JL
34267JosephCoatesThurstonland6 Feb 189062BJH
21165Eliza CollinsMeltham Mills7 Apr 188166DH
429ElizabethCollinsThurstonland23 Apr 186644RC
85045356GeorgeCollinsMarsh Hall10 Jul 189923JL
5341321JohnCollinsSpringwood St Huddersfield8 Aug 189478JL
16121JosephCollinsStocksmoor29 Jul 187681RBT
OG35280JosephCollinsStocksmoor4 Apr 189170BJH
19145SarahCollinsStocksmoor6 Apr 187988DH
13637290FredCrossleyShepley12 Apr 18921JL
861HarrisonCrowtherThurstonland30 Dec 18706wksJC
697972WilliamCrowtherThurstonland6 Feb 187370RBT
741032255ElizabethCuttleStocksmoor19 Feb 188962JL
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5631248John SydneyDennyThurstonland22 Feb 188812JL
5629226TomDennyThurstonland20 Jul 18864JL
10736286Ann DickensonScar End Thurstonland24 Nov 189116JL
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14106George WillieEnglandThurstonland26 May 18751y RBT
20314139309SarahEnglandThurstonland8 Jul 189370JL
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12032254JaneFairburnStocksmoor13 Nov 188865NCI
18144EdnaFawcettFarnley5 Jan 18795mthDH
76724189James FieldingThurstonland18 Jul 188354JL
395A39308HenryFurnaceThurstonland8 Jun 189380FJL
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OG in […]30233Lydia NewtonGauntRusholme Manchester23 Mar 188770PMBy Peter Marshall Rector of St John the Baptist Manchester
71125196AllenGillThurstonland5 May 188438JL
71323181Beatrice MaryGillThurstonland15 Jul 18824EB
211Caroline GillThe Heights 24 Nov 186233GL
215Elsa GillThurstonland26 May 186311 mthsWY
22220440319HaroldGillThurstonland27 May 189414JL
13311933261Joe WalterGillThurstonland24 Oct 188969JL
71229229JohnGillThurstonland22 Nov 188670JL
71235275Mary GillThurstonland30 Dec 189072JL
14410933264NathanGillThurstonland19 Dec 188934JL
22320334265SamuelGillThurstonland1 Jan 189067JL
13311929227SarahGillThurstonland8 Sep 188663JL
44353SusannahGillOf Southport4 Oct 189883TMT
71027213Thomas SmithGillThurstonland5 Sep 188579JL
860AndrewGill Thurstonland22 Dec 187047RBT
19147James Gill Thurstonland16 Sep 187969DH
33 ½25200Edward GillotThurstonland27 Nov 188469JL
33 ½ 46363Ann GillottThurstonland14 Jul 190083JL
430John RichardGillottThurstonland28 May 186617JWH
214William GoldthorpeThurstonland Bank20 Apr 186337GL Found beaten in Almondbury. Coroners Order.(Newspaper report - After trial a man was found Not Guilty of manslaughter)
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14111Ann HaighThurstonland9 Oct 187576RBT
70370330240Ann HaighBlackhouse Thurstonland19 Jul 188762JL
70317132JohnHaighStocksmoor1 Oct 187749DH
172JosephHaighHeight Thurstonland17 Aug 188182DH
70370332252Mary EmilyHaighStocksmoor23 Jul 188860WP
37730942339Robert HaighHalstead20 Feb 189716JL
434434B38299Allen OwenHall Birksgate Thurstonland22 Dec 18929JL
751RobertHallasThurstonland30 Jan 18702 daysRBT
75333263Robert HarryHallasThurstonland9 Dec 188940JL
5825197Ann HardcastleThurstonland25 Jun 188414JL
5839310Sarah AnnHardcastleThurstonland13 Aug 189363JL
5826208WilliamHardcastleThurstonland2 May 188565FST
14234269Ruth AnnHaywoodThurstonland22 Apr 189017 mthsJL
864MilesHebblethwaiteGildersome10 Apr 187130mthsRBT
188SarahHebblethwaiteThurstonland26 May 188375[60?]JL
10541323HerbertHeeleySpringwood End South Crosland25 Feb 18957 mthJL
10[5]40314Olive Mary HeeleyThurstonland4 Jan 18949 mthJL
2135273EdithHerbertThurstonland26 Aug 189030mths“__
46364Norman HerbertStocksmoor13 Jul 19003wks__
OG36281WillieHeywoodFarnley14 May 189110 mthsJL
57426201AmonHinchcliffeThurstonland30 Nov 188468JL
57137292ElizabethHinchcliffeBank End Thurstonland5 May 189240JL
57136287JoeHinchcliffeBank End Thurstonland22 Dec 189142JL
120153JohnHinchcliffeScar End4 Mar 188018DHNB: Haydn Hinchcliffe. Squire says is buried in this grave but the [.....] has not been [recorded] 15.X11.06
1181MauriceHinchliffeHalstead9 Jul 187321JWH
24186Susannah HinchliffeThurstonland5 May 188367JL
16128WilliamHinchliffeThurstonland7 Mar 187718RBT
70128221Alice AnnHirstLumb House Thurstonland25 Mar 18866mthJL
7017011184BenjaminHirstThurstonland26 Aug 187378RBT
70170117133BenjaminHirstLumb House16 Oct 187752DH
58034272Charles HenryHirstLydgate New Mill1 Jul 189020jJL
70113100Dorothy HirstThurstonland10 Dec 187480RBT
70131243FrankHirstLumb House15 Oct 18874JL
77577538301GeorgeHirstThurstonland6 Jan 189365JL
966HephzibahHirstThurstonland26 Sep 187140RBT
70125194JaneHirstKirkburton26 Mar 188446JWP
22170JimHirstBroad Lane Top Thurstonland12 Jul 188150DH
f213JosephHirstThe School30 Mar 186369GL Very long illness. Had been School Master for upwards of 30 years.
706862JosephHirstThurstonland5 Jan 18713JWH
6441328JosephHirstUnion Workhouse Honley15 Oct 189576JL
321Joseph WashingtonHirstThurstonland28 Sep 186435GL Coroners Order. Cut his throat on the 28th in the stable. He much depressed in spirits.
1075LucyHirstHuddersfield 4 Apr 18735RBT
317LydiaHirstNewsome3 Apr 186415GL
324Mark HirstStocksmoor23 Jul 186573GL
428MaryHirstThurstonland23 Apr 186671EM
1296Sarah AnnHirstThurstonland9 Aug 18746 wksWG
536Susannah HirstNewsome in the parish of Lockwood26 Dec 186615SL
15120WalterHirstHuddersfield 28 May 18769 mthRBT
57940315WalterHirstLydgate New Mill18 Jan 189418JL
57842330WilliamHirstLydgate New Mill10 Nov 189529JL
71471421167NormanHobsonLockwood25 May 188117DH
71471920160Thirza AnnHobsonLockwood13 Oct 188019DH
2617131Amelia HoldsworthStocksmoor14 Sep 187783DH
2615118JosephHoldsworthThurstonland19 Feb 187687RBT
592530238Will HoldsworthStocksmoor4 Jul 188764JL
17Ann HollingworthWooldale27 Aug 186269GL
19150ElizabethHollingworthNetherthong16 Dec 187934DH
19152GeorgeHollingworthCrosland Moor2 Feb 188034DH
431JohnHollingworthWooldale4 Aug 186678JWH
24185JohnHollingworthMarsh Huddersfield13 Apr 188365JL
535LucyHollingworthNew Mill18 Nov 18663mthsWL
1079MaryHollingworthStoney Bank15 Jun 187351WGH
old ground26207AliceHowardThurstonland26 Feb 18851 y 9mth
1186GeorgeHoyleThurstonland22 Oct 187367RBT
68631246Sam HoyleThurstonland22 Dec 188771JL
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15116Martha ElizabethJacksonThurstonland21 Jan 18764mthsRBT
1991077AdaJenkinsonOldfield3 Jun 18735RC
22171Anne SchofieldJenkinsonThurstonland13 Jul 18811y 9mthsDHDrowned in well in yard
957537289AnniceJenkinsonStocksmoor11 Apr 189221JL
1991078ArthurJenkinsonOldfield8 Jun 18731yrJGP
969CatherineJenkinsonThurstonland20 Jun 187264RBT
67838297Ethel AnnieJenkinsonStocks 23 Aug 189212JL
88988842332James JenkinsonStocksmoor14 Mar 189657JL
968John WoodJenkinsonThurstonland10 Feb 187272RBT
67817136MaryJenkinsonBlake House31 Dec 187729DH
30235Mary FieldingJenkinsonThurstonland20 May 18872 daysBJH
3415119RuthJenkinsonThurstonland6 May 187635RBT
957537296Sarah AnnJenkinsonStocksmoor12 Jul 189258JL
14112Sarah EdnaJenkinsonThurstonland19 Oct 18757wksRBT
20613737294Sarah JaneJepsonStocksmoor14 Feb 18922JL
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Near top wall41324LucyKilnerThurstonland29 Mar 18953mthsTMT
148a44349James KingCrosland Moor17 May 189850JL
12Harriett KirkeButts5 Mar 18623GL
11JimKirkeButts5 Mar 18629mthsGL
540Sarah JaneKnowlesThurstonland4 Aug 186810 mthsRBT
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58314105[Gwendoline]LancasterMoldgreen27 Apr 187515mthsRBT
87342329Elsie ElizabethLancasterCliff Holmfirth17 Oct 18955mthAHBDaughter of James Lancaster
646George HarrisLancasterThurstonland7 Jul 186911RBT
15117Harry AgustineLancasterThurstonland31 Jan 187611 mthsRBT
15Jabez LancasterThurstonland4 Jun 186276GL A good churchman. Had been 4th Superintendent at the Sunday School for some time up to his death.
OG42334James AugustineLancasterSteps South Crosland4 Jun 189680JL
17135aJoahLancasterThurlstone Nr Penistone28 Nov 187757DH
58322173John WilliamLancasterMoldgreen9 Oct 18819mthsDH
87241326Lavinia AnnLancasterThurstonland2 May 189537JL
1290MaryLancasterThurstonland6 Feb 187443RBT
863RosettaLancasterHuddersfield 3 Apr 18712yRBT
647SarahLancasterThurstonland8 Jul 186947RBT
858Sarah AnnLancasterThurstonland3 Oct 187022RBTThe Church Of St Thomas was consecrated this day.
87226202William HenryLancasterThurstonland19 Dec 18849mthsJL
1074ElizabethLeatherThurstonland28 Mar 187320 mthsRBT
101A42343GraceLeatherStoney Battery12 Mar 189756JL
106A38303PriscillaLeatherCrosland Moor Lockwood22 Feb 189317JL
20159TomLeatherBlackhouse10 Sep 188070DHFound dead in road
17135Benjamin LeeStocksmoor11 Nov 187767DH
11525199James LeeThurstonland8 Nov 18847
6031241Sam LeeBroad Lane Top Thurstonland9 Aug 188720JL
19151RosamundLeycockThurstonland28 Jan 188078DH
20038302Ann LockwoodHonley26 Jan 189360JL
425JosephLockwoodScar End6 Sep 186570GL
20243338JosephLockwoodClitheroe Honley17 Feb 189763JL
426206Matthew LockwoodThurstonland22 Feb 188574JL
643MilfordLockwoodThurstonland26 Dec 18684mthsRBT
OG27212EmmaLodgeBerry Brow17 Aug 188520JL
14109EzraLodgeLockwood19 Aug 18754RBT
OG28220HannahLodgeStocksmoor18 Mar 18865mthJL
OG32253IrvingLodgeBerry Brow21 Sep 18883JL
57840316LukeLodgeScar End20 Jan 189446JL
44352Mary LodgeBerry Brow17 Sep 189877JL
16127Mary HannahLodgeThurstonland7 Mar 18771RBT
70627211SamLodgeThurstonland1 Aug 188514JWP
14108ThomasLodgeThurstonland11 Aug 187548RBT
OG33257WrightLodgeBerry Brow27 Mar 188920JL
427FrankLumbWigby16 Nov 18651 ¼ yrsJS
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5730239AmyMarshallThurstonland8 Jul 188747JL
12828222Eva MarshallBerry Brow14 Apr 188623JL
12841322JohnMarshallArmitage Fold South Crosland6 Nov 189467JL
3035274[Jese]MearThurstonland5 Sep 189030JL
6332249ElizabethMearThurstonland2 Mar 188857JL
21163Emily JaneMearBelfast26 Mar 188113DH
18436282James MearThurstonland29 May 189125JL
3018143JonasMearThurstonland17 Dec 187831DH
15114JosephMearThurstonland4 Dec 187545RBT
3142336JudithMearThurstonland3 Nov 189639FJL
3145354Lydia MearThurstonland28 Oct 189874JL
538MathewMearThurstonland28 Jul 186770WL
753Sam MearThurstonland19 Feb 18702 mthsRBT
859Martha AnnMegsonThurstonland2 Nov 18701 y RBT
1398Ann MellorThurstonland12 Sep 187464RBT
426Benjamin Mellor[Thanes] Gate1 Oct 186529GL Ill only 7 hours – supposed of Asiatic Cholera. He was Minister of School for some years and very regular.
14107ElizabethMellorThurstonland30 May 187598TB
533Harriett MellorThurstonland5 Sep 186650JWA
29Sarah JaneMellorBlackhouse11 Nov 18622yGL
34270ElizabethMillsThurstonland17 May 189054VJH
OG in vault36283EmmaMitchellBank End Green9 Aug 189127JL
180GeorgeMitchellBank End Thurstonland10 Jul 188272RC
20314134266GeorgeMitchellThurstonland3 Jan 189073JL
645SarahMitchellBank End Thurstonland6 Aug 186918RBT
OG42331SarahMitchellBank End Thurstonland17 Feb 189683JL
Off plan nr top wall43337EmmaMoorhouseThurstonland12 Nov 18962JL
9241325JosephMorlandStocks 2 Apr 189565TMT
1293Ben MossThurstonland30 Mar 18749 mthsRBT
1073Harris MossThurstonland27 Feb 18734wksRBT
17129JaneMossThurstonland21 Apr 187734RBT
1183JonathanMossThurstonland12 Jul 187367RC
72927209SamMossThurstonland3 Jun 188517JL
18SethMossThurstonland2 Nov 186264GL
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28223--Naylor12 May 188611JL
OG28223Annie MaryNaylorStocksmoor12 May 188512
OG27216EleanorNaylorStocksmoor19 Dec 18857JL
OG in family vault30237Joseph William NaylorStocksmoor27 Jun 188715mthsJL
534AnisNobleThurstonland5 Sep 186616 hrsJWA
1292Arthur WilliamNobleNewsome Rd Almondbury12 Mar 18743 ½ yrsRBT
216David NobleThurstonland Bank10 Sep 186381GL
323DysonNobleLockwood14 Jul 18654mthsGL
644Eliza NobleThurstonland15 Apr 186914RBT
LOG opp church door 37293ElizabethNobleThurstonland30 May 189273C...V
67923183EmelineNoblePrimrose Hill Huddersfield6 Jan 188332JL
LOpp church door L27214HannahNobleThurstonland9 Nov 188570JL
69716126HarrietNobleThurstonland26 Jan 187762RBT
212JohnNoble8 Feb 186325GL Very sudden. Well on Tuesday – dead on Wednesday
LOG opp church door L28224JonathanNobleMarsh Hall Thurstonland13 May 188575JL
LOG opp church door 36285JosephNobleMarsh Hall2 Nov 189188JL
77944351LockwoodNobleThurstonland27 Jul 189853JL
16125Mary AnnNobleThurstonland21 Jan 187770RBT
69721164Matthew NobleWigby29 Mar 188168DH
210Sarah NobleMarsh Hall15 Nov 186240GL She lay in the rail line near Brockholes. She had been out all day trying to […....] Coroners Order.(Newspaper report – Inquest found she committed suicide on railway)
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OG27210HannahPeelScar End Thurstonland1 Jul 188562JL
OG39306James PeelThurstonland1 May 189370JL
87787729231ClaraPembertonThe Heights Pudsey late of Thurstonland19 Feb 188725JL
88631247Eliza PollardStocksmoor18 Jan 188884JL
88626203JohnPollardThurstonland (Stocksmoor)3 Feb 188580JWP
88727215JosephPollardStocksmoor24 Nov 188577JL
756ArthurPontefractThurstonland17 Aug 18703 ½ yrsRBT
70614110Eliza PontefractThurstonland20 Aug 187563RBT
485B42341ElizabethPontefractThurstonland24 Feb 189753JL
93/9446365Elizabeth AnnPontefract19 Beech St Paddock13 Oct 190053JL
965EnesaPontefractThurstonland7 Sep 187154RBT
76044350Jabez MellorPontefractIng Head Thurstonland11 Jul 189830JLDied at Ripponden
75946361James PontefractThurstonland8 Feb 190057JL
760/76144346JoePontefractIng Head Thurstonland15 Jun 189724JLDied at Barnsley
36288JosephPontefractThurstonland25 Mar 189281JL
75924190LewisPontefractThurstonland12 Dec 188315JL
648Mary PriestDeanhouse Netherthong11 Jul 186984RBT
320WilliamPriestThurstonland10 Jul 186470GL
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20155Martha QuarmbyBroad Lane Top Thurstonland11 Aug 188059DH
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537JohnRobertsThurstonland Bank17 Jan 186781WL
13101Ann Rodger Thurstonland28 Dec 187427RBT
1295SarahRodger Honley21 May 187427BJH
970JaneRodgersThurstonland23 Oct 187267RBT
68638298John WilliamRodgersLockwood22 Oct 189210JNP
20154RobertRodgersTanyard17 Jun 188073DH
13103ThomasRodgersThurstonland16 Feb 18753RBT
1080WilliamRodgersThurstonland29 Jun 187331RBT
21161WilliamRogerTanyard23 Feb 18814DH
175AliceRogersThurstonland25 Feb 18823DH
179Jane NobleRogersRashcliffe24 May 18821y 10mthJL
68020158JohnRogersMarsh Hall7 Sep 188040DHDied suddenley
117/11826204EllenRowbottomThurstonland8 Feb 188538JWP
11746362HannahRowbottomThurstonland3 May 190078JL
117/11825198John WilliamRowbottomThurstonland12 Oct 188418JWP
319JosiasRowbottomThurstonland20 Jun 186477GL Nearly 40yrs assisted with Chapel as clerk. Was in church on Sunday previous to his death.
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7738300HenrySchofieldThurstonland2 Jan 189376JL
77642342MariaSchofieldThurstonland11 Mar 189769JL
71528219AnnieSeniorWoodend Thurstonland16 Mar 18864JL
71520156David ThorntonSeniorWood end14 Aug 18801 weekDH
71542344Jonathan WilliamSeniorWood end23 Mar 189750JL
71524192MarySeniorWoodend Thurstonland31 Dec 18831wkJL
18142Mary JaneSmithThurstonland19 Aug 187814 wksDH
16Spiressa Smythe (Smith)Halstead16 Jun 186219GL A gypsy girl died in confinement.
176Ann SparrowThurstonland6 Mar 188251DH
539CarolineSparrowThurstonland1 Jul 186823RBT
18137Caroline MatildaSparrowThurstonland24 Jan 18785mthDH
967Edith SparrowThurstonland17 Oct 18713wksRBT
752George WilliamSparrowThurstonland18 Feb 18708 mthsRBT
6118139Eliza JaneStephensonLinthwaite26 Mar 18781y 11mthsDH
6240318FrederickStephensonSalt Lake Linthwaite8 May 189422FJL
755HerbertStephensonThurstonland3 Aug 18701y 5mthsRBT
2339311JaneStephensonThurstonland4 Sep 189376JL
25 & 2613102JobStephensonThurstonland1 Jan 187587RBT
13John Rich'dStephensonThurstonland9 Mar 18625GL
1187MaryStephensonThurstonland24 Oct 187374RBT
22345360Sarah AnnStephensonThurstonland2 Jan 190059Certified by Herman Stephenson Burial Laws Amndmt Act 1880
13104WilliamStephensonThurstonland4 Mar 187573RBT
20157AdaStocksStocksmoor5 Sep 18803DH
19146Fred StocksStocksmoor1 Jun 18796 wksEL
750GeorgeStringerHepworth3 Nov 186924RBT
23178JosephStringerHade Edge Wooldale4 May 188268DH
OG in family vault30236Tamar StringerHonley15 Jun 188773JL
22 ½34268[Arthur]StrongStoney Bank14 Feb 189010 mthsBJH
22 ½32250AgnesStrongThurstonland9 Mar 18889mthsJL
5841076James SwiftKirkburton11 Apr 187382RBT
6331245Tamar SwiftThurstonland18 Dec 188753JL
14Thos WaltonSwiftWood End30 Mar 18625mthGL
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12339305AgnesTaylor1 May 1893Burials Law Amendment Act not certified.
12442335JosephTaylorShelley7 Jun 189677JL
12429230Joseph GilbertTaylorThurstonland3 Feb 188729JL
971AnnieThewlisNew Mill2 Nov 187215 mthsRBT
17134HerbertThewlisThurstonland31 Oct 18776 wksDH
18138EmilyThompsonBlake House1 Feb 18783mthsDH
5924191HannahTinkerThurstonland30 Dec 188374JL
10639307SethTinkerMarsh Hall Thurstonland20 May 189341JL
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12135278IsaacWadeThurstonland28 Jan 189161JL
394 ½40313SarahWalkeThurstonland12 Dec 189357JL
23177DelilahWalkerBeech House Thurstonland18 Apr 188266DH
1397HenryWalkerThurstonland9 Sep 187463RBT
19149JabezWalkerThurstonland9 Dec 187974DH
749James FrankWalkerMiddleton Rothwell2 Aug 186934RBT
857JonasWalkerHuddersfield 21 Aug 187056RBT
1188MariaWalkerLeeds8 Nov 187372RBT
642MattyWalkerHuddersfield 23 Nov 186853RBT
1399SarahWalkerThurstonland12 Oct 187464RBT
2824187AllenWaltonThurstonland5 May 188351JL
11331242Ann WaltonThurstonland4 Oct 188730JL
37639312Albert JamesWarrenSchool House Thurstonland2 Dec 18932JL
70345358Mary JaneWashingtonShepley28 Nov 189964JL
322StephenWashingtonStocksmoor24 Oct 186460GL Uncle to No 21. Was Relieving Officer for this District for upwards of 20years.
21168Edward AldamWhiteTanyard Thurstonland25 May 18813mthsDH
2923184LawWhiteThurstonland8 Feb 188323JL
OG37295StanleyWhiteThurstonland19 Jun 18924JL
72625195Ann WilkinsonWhitestones Thurstonland26 Mar 188451HHTB
72325193GeorgeWilkinsonWhitestones Thurstonland20 Feb 188446
19148Will WilkinsonWhitestones Stocksmoor25 Nov 187956DH
11033259Ellen HendersonWilsonSun Side Stocksmoor11 Jul 188956JL
10834271EllenWoodThurstonland9 Jun 18909mthsTMT
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