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MI Plot noGrave refpagerec numgiven namesurnameabodeburial dateageofficialaddit notes
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755Jeanette Johnston Hyde [Hopcroft]Heeley Sheffield14 Aug 191552PSB
137a59471Mary CrossleyStocksmoor18 Feb 190944AEJ
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60478Dick'unknown'Storthes Hall Asylum10 Mar 190933AEJThe death of a unknown 33 year old male was registered at this time.
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537Harry[Bewsley]Storthes Hall Asylum12 Jul 191561PSB
863c58464Mary[Gomersal]Storthes Hall Asylum26 Oct 190840AEJ
860Harry[Moules]Storthes Hall Asylum15 Sep 191560PSB
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70556JohnAdderleyStorthes Hall Asylum9 Oct 191135PSB
28919819149WilliamAireyThurstonland25 Sep 191678PSB
61482Charles AldersonStorthes Hall Asylum27 Nov 191944PSB
11254427James AllattThurstonland16 Dec 190528JL
79626JoshuaAllattTown Moor Bottom Thurstonland12 Feb 191380PSB
34467531ArthurAllisonStorthes Hall Asylum20 Apr 191133PSB
14356446JoeAllo[a]tThurstonland Asylum Thurstonland22 Jan 190777WC
38304Joseph HenryAllottThurstonland1 Apr 191847PSB
43340Martha ElizabethAndrewsStorthes Hall Asylum5 Jul 191866PSB
86457454Eliza ArcherThurstonland Asylum Storthes Hall24 Sep 190744FJL
6815534Charles ArmitageWhitestones Stocksmoor1 Jul 191576PSB
10347376Charles WillieArmitageThurstonland21 Jan 19028JL
1521165EdithArmitageTop O' th Bank Thurstonland3 Jan 191738PSB
75048377EdwinArmitageThurstonland14 Feb 190262JL
75058461ElizabethArmitageDeanhouse Workhouse4 Jul 190874AEJ
69569356444GeorgeArmitageTop o' th' Hill Thurstonland17 Jan 190760AEJ
83664HannahArmitageWhitestones Thurstonland27 Aug 191370SBL
82654Hannah MarthaArmitageStorthes Hall Asylum22 Jul 191363PSB
17133Henry ArmitageStorthes Hall Asylum30 Jun 191645PSB
711255439James ArmitageIvy Cottages Stocksmoor7 Sep 190630JL-G
10348384JoeArmitageNew Mill30 Apr 190211 mthsJL
711253419Mary AnnArmitageIvy Cottages Stocksmoor13 Jul 190563JL
14WilliamArmitageStorhes Hall Asylum17 May 191561PSB
95753Charles HenryArthursStorthes Hall Asylum16 Feb 191549PSB
86063504ElizabethAshleyStorthes Hall Asylum15 Feb 191084AEJ
14111Margaret AshtonStorthes Hall Asylum21 Apr 191646HJV
95757AaronAspinStorthes Hall Asylum20 Feb 191525PSB
84672EllenAsquithStorthes Hall Asylum22 Oct 191360PSB
79625ArthurAtherleyStorthes Hall Asylum11 Feb 191335PSB
863Mary AtkinsonStorhes Hall Asylum5 Oct 191563HJV
1073Sarah AtkinsonStorthes Hall Asylum20 Nov 191521PSB
16127MarkAustinStorthes Hall Asylum15 Jun 191659PSB
32254WilliamAustinStorthes Hall Asylum15 Nov 191744PSB
49386ThorpeAutyStorthes Hall Asylum29 Nov 191863WJM
30233AnnieAveyardStorthes Hall Asylum21 Sep 191739PSB
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private60474ElizabethBabbStorthes Hall Asylum30 Aug 191967SBL
32250MaryBagshawStorthes Hall Asylum6 Nov 191752PSB
53422Charles BaileyStorthes Hall Asylum5 Mar 191962PSB
572725193JohnBaileyThurstonland2 May 191778JL
9258463Lavinia BaileyStorthes Hall Asylum3 Oct 190865AEJ
90715SamuelBaileyStorthes Hall Asylum21 Jul 191454PSB
94750StephenBairstowStorthes Hall Asylum11 Feb 191571PSB
44352TeresaBakerStorthes Hall Asylum2 Aug 191856PSB
17616819148Rose AdelaideBallamStorthes Hall Asylum20 Sep 191640PSB
86061482ArthurBannisterStorthes Hall Asylum19 Mar 190941AEJ
79628Mary EllenBarkerStorthes Hall Asylum19 Feb 191335PSB
1292LetitiaBarlowStorthes Hall Asylum28 Feb 191671PSB
971ZillahBarnardStorthes Hall Asylum11 Nov 191548PSB
1290ElizabethBarnesStorthes Hall Asylum16 Feb 191645PSB
private58463JohnBarnesStorthes Hall Asylum5 Jun 191924PSB
34265Mary AnnBarrowStation Rd Brockholes22 Dec 191776PSB
23119459467Gertrude MargaretBarterStorthes Hall Lane Thurstonland4 Jul 191943PSB
59467Gertrude MargaretBarter5 Hall Lane Thurstonland4 Jul 191943PSB
10169(private grave)40316Henry JamesBartonSheffield27 Apr 191830PSB
19145Edward BarwellStorthes Hall Asylum5 Sep 191671PSB
50395FrankBastinStorthes Hall Asylum24 Dec 191821PSB
60473Clara LaviniaBastowStorthes Hall Asylum13 Aug 191952SBL
25197Harry WalkerBaxterStorthes Hall Asylum17 May 191728PSB
79631HarriettBeaumontStorthes Hall Asylum8 Mar 191370PSB
100801Ada MariaBedaleStorthes Hall Asylum10 May 191550PSB
86063498KateBeechStorthes Hall Asylum14 Jan 191053RC
95760Kate BeetonStorthes Hall Asylum1 Mar 191541PSB
100795HenryBelcherStorthes Hall Asylum4 May 191562PSB
34270GeorgeBellStorthes Hall Asylum5 Jan 191854PSB
55436GeorgeBellamyStorthes Hall Asylum20 Mar 191986PSB
76606Sydney StewartBellitzayStorthes Hall Asylum17 Oct 191224PSB
24187WilliamBeltStorthes Hall Asylum7 Apr 191767PSB
63498Sarah BennettStorthes Hall Asylum24 Mar 192056PSB
89711Samuel HallBenrleyStorthes Hall Asylum5 Jun 191478PSB
46362JohnBentleyStorthes Hall Asylum31 Aug 191870PSB
77615LeviBentleyStorthes Hall Asylum20 Dec 191261PSB
21162Mary AnnBernadiStorthes Hall Asylum30 Nov 191653HJV
34366525Jonathan LindleyBerryStorthes Hall Asylum22 Mar 191158PSB
33257RobertBettsStorthes Hall Asylum20 Nov 191751PSB
86683SamuelBeverleyStorthes Hall Asylum19 Dec 191363PSB
65517EthelBigginTanyard Thurstonland6 Nov 19102yJT
23182William RobertBigginTanyard Thurstonland17 Mar 191749PSB
12Alice JaneBiltonStorhes Hall Asylum15 May 191558PSB
93744SarahBirkettStorthes Hall Asylum13 Jan 191539PSB
31244SamuelBishopStorthes Hall Asylum18 Oct 191715PSB
32256Ann ElizabethBisleyStorthes Hall Asylum19 Nov 191757PSB
8824186Anthony Stephen JosephBittnerStorthes Hall Asylum30 Mar 191743PSB
24191RobertBlack Storthes Hall Asylum24 Apr 191759PSB
85962492HelenaBlamiresStorthes Hall Asylum14 Oct 190937SD
41321Albert EdwaedBlytheStorthes Hall Asylum7 May 191862PSB
81641GeorgeBoggisStorthes Hall Asylum5 May 191350PSB
72572James BoocockStorthes Hall Asylum17 Jan 191275PSB
18143Thomas BookerStorthes Hall Asylum25 Aug 191678PSB
87787651407Charlotte SelinaBoothNew Holland Hull18 Feb 190418JL
71565Clara ElizabethBoothThurstonland25 Nov 191155JL-G
87587548383EdgarBoothThurstonland17 Apr 190224JL
87687647372EdithBooth4 Brown St East Colne11 Oct 190140JL
62496Florence GertrudeBoothThe Village Thurstonland19 Mar 192014PSB
10049388Harry WebsterBoothCrosland Moor Institution6 Dec 191817PSB
72574HectorBoothStorthes Hall Asylum8 Feb 191253PSB
22720026204LucyBoothWood End16 Jun 191764PSB
87787752411SelinaBoothNew Holland Hull10 Aug 190477FJL
80638WrightBoothThurstonland28 Apr 191348PSB
14048379ClaraBoothroydNew Mill15 Mar 190223JL
14047370HannahBoothroydGreenhill Bank. New Mill17 Jun 190157JL
56447Thomas BottomleyStorthes Hall Asylum11 Apr 191923PSB
36284BenjaminBowerStorthes Hall Asylum11 Feb 191854PSB
57455Mary BowlesStorthes Hall Asylum14 May 191959MMC
36287James BradleyStorthes Hall Asylum21 Feb 191861PSB
51406Fred BradshawStorthes Hall Asylum31 Jan 191959PSB
37294MichaelBramleyStorthes Hall Asylum10 Mar 191856WJM
96766Emma BrownBreweStorthes Hall Asylum15 Mar 191545PSB
6893743Ann BridgeSunside Stocksmoor12 Jan 191566PSB
86061485ElizabethBrierleyStorthes Hall Asylum15 May 190951AEJ
11James BriggsStorhes Hall Asylum15 May 191572PSB
19147Lucy JaneBriggsStorthes Hall Asylum16 Sep 191651PSB
29226George HenryBroadheadStorthes Hall Asylum21 Aug 191756PSB
969BenjaminBroadhurstStorthes Hall Asylum29 Oct 191555PSB
74585Matthew BroenStorthes Hall Asylum21 May 191231PSB
96767SusannahBrogdenStorthes Hall Asylum20 Mar 191577PSB
755754+755322AlfredBrookThe Village Thurstonland8 Jun 191571PSB
37292James Brook Storthes Hall Asylum7 Mar 191852PSB
91727Esther MaryBrookeStorthes Hall Asylum15 Oct 191482PSB
37290Charles BrownStorthes Hall Asylum25 Feb 191867PSB
1185Edward BrownStorthes Hall Asylum2 Feb 191654PSB
37296HaroldBrownStorthes Hall Asylum13 Mar 191856PSB
45355John HenryBrownStorthes Hall Asylum13 Aug 191845PSB
39312Lewis BrownStorthes Hall Asylum23 Apr 191857PSB
43337SusannahBrownStorthes Hall Asylum29 Jun 191865PSB
84167535SamuelBrownhillStorthes Hall Asylum6 May 191155PSB
73580James BruceStorthes Hall Asylum20 Mar 191263PSB
81643GeorgeBryanStorthes Hall Asylum9 May 191356CMG
22169JaneBuckStorthes Hall Asylum15 Jan 191756PSB
79569549MaryBuckleyStorthes Hall Asylum10 Jul 191168PSB
85962493WalterBurgessStorthes Hall Asylum21 Oct 190950AEJ
86682MaryBurkeStorthes Hall Asylum6 Dec 191337MMC
78620MaryBurnsStorthes Hall Asylum6 Jan 191339CMG
17129RobertBurtcherStorthes Hall Asylum19 Jun 191663PSB
99789ErnestBushStorthes Hall Asylum27 Apr 191542PSB
18144HarryBushStorthes Hall Asylum26 Aug 191638MM
50399JosephButterworthStorthes Hall Asylum14 Jan 191970PSB
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1289GeorgeCadmanStorthes Hall Asylum16 Feb 191673PSB
44351Thomas Camp Storthes Hall Asylum24 Jul 191868PSB
35276JohnCarlingStorthes Hall Asylum21 Jan 191855WJM
95756Charles AlfredCarrodusStorthes Hall Asylum19 Feb 191537PSB
78621MaryCarrolStorthes Hall Asylum10 Jan 191336WD
79568543HelenaCartwrightBlake House7 Jun 191159PSB
81646Thamer AgnesCartwrightStorthes Hall Asylum24 May 191356PSB
25427215FlorenceCastledineStorthes Hall Asylum16 Jul 191749AJA
970Mary Ann CaterhamStorthes Hall Asylum8 Nov 191551MM
65515BarbaraCavanaghStorthes Hall Asylum8 Oct 191037SD
71567MarsdenChadwickStorthes Hall Asylum11 Dec 191160PSB
55440WilliamChapmanStorthes Hall Asylum25 Mar 191960PSB
18William JamesChilversStorhes Hall Asylum20 May 191535PSB
1076Mary Jane ClaphamStorthes Hall Asylum9 Dec 191572PSB
97771JaneClarkStorthes Hall Asylum31 Mar 191575PSB
863b59465Albert GeorgeClarkeStorthes Hall Asylum29 Nov 190832AEJ
86259469AnnieClarkeStorthes Hall Asylum1 Jan 190947AEJ
62494Charles HenryClarkeStorthes Hall Asylum3 Mar 192045PSB
59472ElizabethClarkeStorthes Hall Asylum2 Aug 191971AJA
97773JohnClarkeStorthes Hall Asylum6 Apr 191550PSB
86063500GeorgeClayStorthes Hall Asylum27 Jan 191045AEJ
97774James ClemsonStorthes Hall Asylum7 Apr 191540PSB
og51405BettYCoatesHollow Gate10 Dec 190381JL
81645Henry DavidCockleStorthes Hall Asylum24 May 191345PSB
77611James CockroftStorthes Hall Asylum27 Nov 191259PSB
41323Mary AnnColdwellStorthes Hall Asylum18 May 191861PSB
23177Margaret ColemanStorthes Hall Asylum8 Feb 191756HJV
51407Susan ColesStorthes Hall Asylum1 Feb 191968PSB
87696John FrederickCollingfordStorthes Hall Asylum30 Mar 191461PSB
84671ElizabethCollinsStorthes Hall Asylum2 Oct 191374PSB
53417Elizabeth MaryCollins Storthes Hall Asylum4 Mar 191932PSB
1074JosephColvinStorthes Hall Asylum27 Nov 191536PSB
50400HelenCongreveStorthes Hall Asylum14 Jan 191931PSB
34466528JohnConleyStorthes Hall Asylum6 Apr 191165HD
861Mary ConlonStorhes Hall Asylum15 Sep 191533WmcC
64506Annie ConnorStorthes Hall Asylum9 Jun 192060PSB
82649Thomas ConnorStorthes Hall Asylum30 Jun 191370WD
23184FrancisConroyStorthes Hall Asylum23 Mar 191724HJV
78618JosephConwayStorthes Hall Asylum27 Dec 191252WD
90719AnnieCooneyStorthes Hall Asylum29 Aug 191428SBL
98780DanielCooneyStorthes Hall Asylum13 Apr 191575MMC
76601James CooneyStorthes Hall Asylum25 Sep 191240WD
34266Sarah CoopeyStorthes Hall Asylum28 Dec 191743PSB
2556442Sarah AnnCopleyHuddersfield (from Sheffield)22 Dec 190675AEJ
1295EmilyCottamStorthes Hall Asylum3 Mar 191661PSB
45354Florence CoultasStorthes Hall Asylum8 Aug 191845MMC
533JessieCouplandStorhes Hall Asylum1 Jul 191546PSB
98784ArthurCowieStorthes Hall Asylum19 Apr 191537PSB
64508Henry CoxStorthes Hall Asylum19 Jun 192069PSB
80637HannahCrabtreeStorthes Hall Asylum16 Apr 191362PSB
44349Harriett CrabtreeStorthes Hall Asylum23 Jul 191862PSB
70559MauriceCrabtreeStorthes Hall Asylum26 Oct 191136PSB
50394Eli CrookesStorthes Hall Asylum20 Dec 191869PSB
43341SamuelCrookesStorthes Hall Asylum6 Jul 191878PSB
27212Ellen ElizabethCrooksStorthes Hall Asylum7 Jul 191720PSB
64507John ThomasCroslandStorthes Hall Asylum25 Mar 191057AEJ
94748Charles WilfredCross Storthes Hall Asylum6 Feb 191516PSB
86684AnnieCrossleyStorthes Hall Asylum22 Dec 191341PSB
13665520Charles CrossleyStocksmoor9 Jan 191171PSB
49385EdnaCrossleyHaddingley Shepley4 May 19025daysJL
13662496EllenCrossleyStocksmoor29 Dec 190977AEJ
86061486GeorgeCrossleyStorthes Hall Asylum29 May 190941AEJ
1296Norman CrossleyStorthes Hall Asylum4 Mar 191633PSB
28218Fred CrownshawStorthes Hall Asylum25 Jul 191723ALL
95754AlfredCrowtherStorthes Hall Asylum18 Feb 191565PSB
84168541Ann CrowtherStorthes Hall Asylum31 May 191176PSB
863b59468Sarah JaneCrowtherStorthes Hall Asylum18 Dec 190842AEJ
756WinifredCrumpStorhes Hall Asylum23 Aug 191520SBL
15MarianCufflinStorhes Hall Asylum19 May 191544PSB
14106JosephCuthbertsonStorthes Hall Asylum3 Apr 191653PSB
741051406HenryCuttleStocksmoor26 Dec 190383JL
14108JosephCzlantStorthes Hall Asylum20 Apr 191651HJV
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13103Catherine DagnallStorthes Hall Asylum31 Mar 191661HJV
49389WilliamDaleStorthes Hall Asylum7 Dec 191875PSB
46367Benjamin HooperDanStorthes Hall Asylum25 Sep 191854SBL
28217Frederick EdwinDaviesStorthes Hall Asylum20 Jul 191750ALL
751LukeDavisonStorhes Hall Asylum5 Aug 191558PSB
62493NancyDavisonStorthes Hall Asylum19 Feb 192061PSB
43342Rhodes DawsonStorthes Hall Asylum9 Jul 191855PSB
13104WilliamDayStorthes Hall Asylum1 Apr 191650PSB
85961488EstherDeamerStorthes Hall Asylum25 Jun 190957JH
73a53421Charles EdwardDearnleyThurstonland3 Oct 190548JL
[96] vault18141Walter DearnleyHipperholme12 Aug 191613PSB
52412WillieDearnleyStorthes Hall Asylum24 Feb 191952PSB
96761Eliza DeightonStorthes Hall Asylum2 Mar 191575PSB
15119John EdwardDentStorthes Hall Asylum22 May 191658PSB
94747AnnieDibbStorthes Hall Asylum30 Jan 191544SBL
16124WilliamDicksonStorthes Hall Asylum1 Jun 191669PSB
91728Mary JaneDixonStorthes Hall Asylum22 Oct 191451PSB
22170Thomas DixonStorthes Hall Asylum16 Jan 191772PSB
30234Henry DobbStorthes Hall Asylum26 Sep 191751PSB
75597NellieDobsonStorthes Hall Asylum30 Aug 191244TMT
34467530Mary JaneDodsonStorthes Hall Asylum13 Apr 191152HD
83660Edward DonbavandStorthes Hall Asylum11 Aug 191351PSB
35273JohnDonbovandStorthes Hall Asylum14 Jan 191865PSB
321AnnieDonkersleyStorhes Hall Asylum5 Jun 191562PSB
65513JoeDonkersleyStorthes Hall Asylum23 Jul 191057AEJ
20613751402SarahDonkersleyThurstonland21 Aug 190380JL
90714MaryDonnellyStorthes Hall Asylum16 Jul 191447MMC
55438PatrickDonovanStorthes Hall Asylum24 Mar 191951MMC
1077Edward / Joseph EdwardDoranStorthes Hall Asylum20 Dec 191565HJV
93738LewisDrakeStorthes Hall Asylum29 Dec 191469PSB
73577SarahDrakeOf Barnsley died at Storthes Hall Asylum5 Mar 191282PSB
1291HarryDransfieldStorthes Hall Asylum21 Feb 191638PSB
8383661ElizabethDudleyStorthes Hall Asylum11 Aug 191383PSB
21163AnnieDunnStorthes Hall Asylum11 Dec 191667PSB
78617Lily AnnDurransStorthes Hall Asylum26 Dec 191265PSB
8792732AlmaDysonStorthes Hall Asylum3 Dec 191422PSB
94751EphraimDysonStorthes Hall Asylum12 Feb 191559PSB
34467532TimothyDysonStorthes Hall Asylum24 Apr 191152PSB
51404WalterDysonStorthes Hall Asylum22 Jan 191962PSB
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78623EmmaEarnshawStorthes Hall Asylum22 Jan 191370PSB
77609HannahEarnshawMarsh Hall Thurstonland21 Oct 191284PSB
215JohnEarnshawStorhes Hall Asylum29 May 191551PSB
86655438GeorgeEastwoodStorthes Hall Asylum28 Jul 190653JL
88699AlfredEddinStorthes Hall Asylum11 Apr 191445PSB
82651Sarah JaneEdmondsonStorthes Hall Asylum4 Jul 191378PSB
98782Zellah NaylorElliotStorthes Hall Asylum16 Apr 191580PSB
60480Elizabeth AnnElliottStorthes Hall Asylum7 Nov 191969PSB
99791GeorgeElliottStorthes Hall Asylum29 Apr 191555PSB
425JanetElliottStorhes Hall Asylum18 Jun 191536PSB
87694AbrahamEllisStorthes Hall Asylum27 Feb 191450PSB
56444ClaudEllisStorthes Hall Asylum1 Apr 191939PSB
25730240ElizabethEllisStorthes Hall Asylum9 Oct 191775PSB
15114HannahEllisStorthes Hall Asylum27 Apr 191669PSB
24189JosephEllisStorthes Hall Asylum18 Apr 191764PSB
20314148378GeorgeEnglandAlbert Mill Holmfirth16 Feb 190279JL
48379Charles ErasmusStorthes Hall Asylum6 Nov 191872PSB
59469ElizabethEverallStorthes Hall Asylum18 Jul 1919?AJA
42334AnnieEvertonStorthes Hall Asylum18 Jun 191840PSB
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92735Maria FaganStorthes Hall Asylum14 Dec 191435MMC
25830236WilliamFair Storthes Hall Asylum28 Sep 191756PSB
75595JohnFairhurstStorthes Hall Asylum15 Aug 191260PSB
1186JosephFarnsworthStorthes Hall Asylum3 Feb 191647PSB
79669551SarahFarrarStorthes Hall Asylum7 Aug 191161PSB
25200Ada FearncoughStorthes Hall Asylum12 Jun 191727PSB
50396LilianFearnleyStorthes Hall Asylum31 Dec 191817PSB
76755440MarthaFieldingThurstonland22 Oct 190630AEJ
1398BridgetFinnStorthes Hall Asylum13 Mar 191694HJV
96764JohnFinnStorthes Hall Asylum10 Mar 191568PSB
79769552SarahFirthStorthes Hall Asylum12 Aug 191162PSB
95755Thomas FirthStorthes Hall Asylum18 Feb 191551PSB
15115Thomas FirthStorthes Hall Asylum29 Apr 191666PSB
47374Margaret FirtzpatrickStorthes Hall Asylum31 Oct 191834WJM
24185SusannahFishStorthes Hall Asylum22 Mar 191769PSB
12160479Mary AnnFittonHeys Rd Wooldale17 Mar 190969AEJ
75600Thomas FlemingStorthes Hall Asylum24 Sep 191272PSB
1188Sarah FletcherStorthes Hall Asylum11 Feb 191667PSB
97776MargaretFlowersStorthes Hall Asylum9 Apr 191571PSB
38300JohnFoleyStorthes Hall Asylum19 Mar 191840MMC
26208GeorgeFosterStorthes Hall Asylum23 Jun 191743PSB
58458ListerFosterStorthes Hall Asylum28 May 191974PSB
754William AlexanderFosterStorhes Hall Asylum11 Aug 191548PSB
36281WilliamFowlesStorthes Hall Asylum7 Feb 191869PSB
78624Catherine FoxStorthes Hall Asylum29 Jan 191341WD
146 (Vault)61484EmilyFoxFar Side Stocksmoor2 Dec 191952PSB
145a77610JohnFoxTop O' th Bank Thurstonland19 Nov 191280PSB
65517Julia FoxKirkburton3 Dec 192082PSB
14627209Sarah HannahFoxThe Village Thurstonland23 Jun 191740PSB
84667MaryFoyStorthes Hall Asylum11 Sep 191348SBL
74589ElizabethFrancisStorthes Hall Asylum10 Jun 191259PSB
55439AlexanderFraserStorthes Hall Asylum25 Mar 191964PSB
8117134KateFullerThe Club Huddersfield30 Jun 191632PSB
34366522WilliamFurlongStorthes Hall Asylum17 Jan 191153PSB
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75596Charles GaheganStorthes Hall Asylum23 Aug 191254WD
159b62495Mary EvelynGambleStorthes Hall Asylum (Chesterfield)9 Mar 192031PSBP
972Charles GanleyStorthes Hall Asylum17 Nov 191521HJV
319EmilyGardenerStorhes Hall Asylum3 Jun 191552PSB
51408Sarah GarnhamStorthes Hall Asylum1 Feb 191936PSB
62490Mary ElizabethGarsideStorthes Hall Asylum14 Jan 192067PSB
92729Ronald Robinson GarsideStorthes Hall Asylum17 Nov 191467PSB
47376WilliamGarvockStorthes Hall Asylum2 Nov 191860PSB
61483Ann GaukrogerStorthes Hall Asylum2 Dec 191976PSB
76603AdaGeldardStorthes Hall Asylum1 Oct 191228WD
63497Mary GibbonsStorthes Hall Asylum11 Mar 192073PSB
32251RosaGibbsStorthes Hall Asylum6 Nov 191744PSB
60478SusannahGibsonStorthes Hall Asylum21 Oct 191960PSB
49390Thomas HenryGiggleStorthes Hall Asylum7 Dec 191842PSB
22065513Ada GillBlackpool died at Stocksmoor13 Sep 192063PSB
22220448381EdmundGillThurstonland9 Nov 191830PSBCorporal in the [ACS] killed on Salisbury Plain
222204645HenryGillThurstonland22 Jul 191565PSB
22320375599Mary Ellen Gill40 Albert Rd Blackpool20 Sep 191258PSB
20156Sarah GillStorthes Hall Asylum18 Oct 191650PSB
26217443334WilliamGillStorthes Hall Asylum13 Jul 191843PSB
22172FrankGillamStorthes Hall Asylum25 Jan 191743PSB
36285Thomas GilroyStorthes Hall Asylum19 Feb 191834PSB
8824190MaryGledhillStorthes Hall Asylum20 Apr 191777PSB
93737Elizabeth GlynnStorthes Hall Asylum29 Dec 191465MMC
51403Samuel Elias GoddardStorthes Hall Asylum21 Jan 191936PSB
267P 24960475Rose GodfreyStorthes Hall Asylum30 Sep 191947ELE
17132James GoldingStorthes Hall Asylum30 Jun 191652PSB
Edge of old ground50400BettyGoldthorpeThurstonland14 Jun 190379JL
6760474FrankGoldthorpeTop o' th' Hill Thurstonland23 Feb 190958AEJ
1056550395MiriamGoldthorpeThurstonland7 Feb 190324JL
57451Henry GomersallStorthes Hall Asylum26 Apr 191966PSB
16123JohnGoodallStorthes Hall Asylum29 May 191646PSB
98778Maria GooderStorthes Hall Asylum12 Apr 191564PSB
38303Eliza GoodisonStorthes Hall Asylum30 Mar 191870PSB
17135FrederickGoodwinStorthes Hall Asylum5 Jul 191645PSB
31243William KayGormanStorthes Hall Asylum18 Oct 191730HJV
53421RobertGowansStorthes Hall Asylum5 Mar 191948PSB
43338WilliamGowansStorthes Hall Asylum29 Jun 191845PSB
64510WilliamGrantStorthes Hall Asylum2 Jul 192037PSB
45357AnnieGravestonStorthes Hall Asylum17 Aug 191833PSB
32253James Gray Storthes Hall Asylum13 Nov 191735PSB
15117George HenryGraysonStorthes Hall Asylum4 May 191631PSB
86061483JosephGraysonStorthes Hall Asylum19 Mar 190959AEJ
85963499HannahGreenStorthes Hall Asylum27 Jan 191060AEJ
25342331JohnGreenStorthes Hall Asylum8 Jun 191860PSB
27214GeorgeGreen Storthes Hall Asylum7 Jul 191768HLH
85674HannahGreen Storthes Hall Asylum1 Nov 191361FJL
55433Henry Green Storthes Hall Asylum18 Mar 191929PSB
535LaviniaGreen Storhes Hall Asylum5 Jul 191531PSB
37295Sarah Green Storthes Hall Asylum11 Mar 191858PSB
80634AlfredGreenwoodStorthes Hall Asylum12 Apr 191368PSB
86687HarriettGreenwoodStorthes Hall Asylum3 Jan 191465PSB
1691183HenriettaGreenwoodStorthes Hall Asylum20 Jan 191644PSB
47371JaneGreenwoodStorthes Hall Asylum3 Oct 191866PSB
28221Thomas GreenwoodStorthes Hall Asylum27 Jul 191771ALL
19847372Frederick BaileyGregoryStorthes Hall Asylum12 Oct 191849PSB
46368Laura GregoryStorthes Hall Asylum28 Sep 191856SBL
25336288Mary AnnGregoryStorthes Hall Asylum25 Feb 191849PSB
93742JohnGriffinStorthes Hall Asylum12 Jan 191559MMC
Childs grave56447EllenGunsonGreenside Farm Thurstonland28 Feb 190712 mthAEJ
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13101FrederickHagueStorthes Hall Asylum21 Mar 191648PSB
69969949392AlfredHaighThurstonland6 Dec 190271JL
69969951401Ellen HaighBlake House Thurstonland19 Jun 190364JL
377[376a]62495HelenaHaighHalstead21 Dec 190931AEJ
69969955433SarahHaighBlake House11 Apr 190631JL
85680Thomas HainslworthStorthes Hall Asylum28 Nov 191363PSB
71564Frederick WilliamHalsteadStorthes Hall Asylum24 Nov 191136PSB
93739James HanleyStorthes Hall Asylum7 Jan 191550PSB
88697KesiahHansonStorthes Hall Asylum9 Apr 191453PSB
86686SamuelHansonStorthes Hall Asylum3 Jan 191465PSB
47370AnnieHarbyStorthes Hall Asylum3 Oct 191846PSB
79630StephenHardacreStorthes Hall Asylum26 Feb 191330mthsPSB
25337293Robert WalterHardingStorthes Hall Asylum7 Mar 191852PSB
71562Frances EllenHardyStorthes Hall Asylum9 Nov 191149PSB
63503Sarah AnnHardyStorthes Hall Asylum14 Feb 191045AEJ
88701William HenryHargreavesStorthes Hall Asylum2 May 191452PSB
35274Edith HarkerStorthes Hall Asylum15 Jan 191837PSB
88698Frances HarmanStorthes Hall Asylum11 Apr 191436PSB
84168537HarriettHarpurStorthes Hall Asylum11 May 191161PSB
88700JohnHarringtonStorthes Hall Asylum10 Apr 191448MMC
98777EleanorHarrisonStorthes Hall Asylum10 Apr 191566PSB
44347WalterHarrisonStorthes Hall Asylum16 Jul 191868PSB
99792JohnHartle Storthes Hall Asylum29 Apr 191523PSB
49392EmmaHartleyStorthes Hall Asylum12 Dec 191856PSB
92736Martha AnnHartleyStorthes Hall Asylum14 Dec 191469PSB
26206CarlHaslerStorthes Hall Asylum21 Jun 191754HJV
1182Sarah AnnHateleyStorthes Hall Asylum20 Jan 191655PSB
74590Alfred CalrkHawcroftStorthes Hall Asylum26 Jun 191249TMT
25337291Jane HawkinsStorthes Hall Asylum2 Mar 191878PSB
863b59466ErnestHawksworthStorthes Hall Asylum4 Dec 190855AEJ
23180Charles EdwinHawyerStorthes Hall Asylum16 Mar 191731PSB
86688JohnHayesStorthes Hall Asylum12 Jan 191465FJL
77613GeorgeHaywardStorthes Hall Asylum11 Dec 191263PSB
82650Rose HaywoodStorthes Hall Asylum2 Jul 191362PSB
966EileenHeatonStorthes Hall Asylum16 Oct 191566PSB
10557452WilliamHeeleyHill Top Croft South Crosland15 Jun 190716 mthsAEJ
54428GeorgeHendersonStorthes Hall Asylum14 Mar 191949PSB
1294Ernest HeptonstallStorthes Hall Asylum1 Mar 191663FT
84670Albert EdwardHepworthStorthes Hall Asylum29 Sep 191353PSB
16816126FrankHepworthStorthes Hall Asylum9 Jun 191640PSB
49386Amy HerbertThurstonland3 Aug 190214 daysJL
89712ElizabethHeronStorthes Hall Asylum10 Jun 191468MMC
54429Lucy SuttonHeysStorthes Hall Asylum15 Mar 191932WJM
15147371Annie HeywoodBank End Green25 Sep 190136JL
46361Louisa A HickStorthes Hall Asylum30 Aug 191823PSB
88702MaryHigginbottomStorthes Hall Asylum6 May 191468PSB
81648Jane ElizabethHillThe Village Thurstonland11 Jun 191351PSB
1079JohnHillStorthes Hall Asylum28 Dec 191564PSB
35278JosephHillStorthes Hall Asylum22 Jan 191856PSB
1181MaryHillStorthes Hall Asylum18 Jan 191680PSB
89708William FrancisHill[Bygin] Lane New Mill25 May 191427 daysNo Service
86458460Sarah AnnHillsStorthes Hall Asylum5 May 190848AEJ
65518Ann HinchcliffeStorthes Hall Asylum10 Nov 191056JHC
57456EvaHinchcliffeScar End Thurstonland22 Dec 190725AEJ
1080ArthurHinchliffe“Scar End” Thurstonland3 Jan 191642PSB
1075SallyHinchliffeStorthes Hall Asylum9 Dec 191563PSB
34267George CharlesHindmarshStorthes Hall Asylum31 Dec 191761PSB
86887053417EllenHirstStocksmoor5 Apr 190571JL
34366527EmmaHirstStorthes Hall Asylum1 Apr 191145PSB
71652413FrankHirstMarsh Hall late of Lumb House7 Oct 190481JL
873[8]63502George BroadheadHirstFartown Green Huddersfield2 Feb 191057AEJThe Christian name ”Broadhead” was added to the above entry 502 in the presence of [Louisa Hirst] Widow Lucy Hirst daughter
716a52409Grace HirstMarsh Hall5 May 190452JL
863b57449James HirstStorthes Hall Asylum14 Mar 190740AEJ
33264JoshuaHirstStorthes Hall Asylum22 Dec 191776PSB
54426Judith AnnHirstStorthes Hall Asylum11 Mar 191972PSB
59468Laura HirstStocksmoor Thurstonland11 Jul 191961PSB
19015328220LeonardHirstThurstonland26 Jul 191710JL-G
22450399MarthaHirstThurstonland23 Mar 190348JL
86887072570MichaelHirstStocksmoor4 Jan 191279PSB
70070047375WilliamHirstMoldgreen late of Blake House14 Jan 190236JLBy Coroners Order
93740JonasHobson125 Victoria Rd Lockwood9 Jan 191579PSB
71471468539Mary AnnHobson125 Victoria Rd Lockwood25 May 191174PSBSee page 20
38301Ann ElizabethHodgsonStorthes Hall Asylum21 Mar 191880PSB
31242HenriettaHodgsonStorthes Hall Asylum15 Oct 191750PSB
28222Richard ThomasHodgsonStorthes Hall Asylum31 Jul 191766WO
56445Thomas AckroydHodgsonStorthes Hall Asylum2 Apr 191963PSB
42329Henry HodsonStorthes Hall Asylum5 Jun 191883PSB
647HarryHogarthStorhes Hall Asylum29 Jul 191564PSB
48383WilliamHoldenStorthes Hall Asylum18 Nov 191852PSB
72573WilliamHolgateStorthes Hall Asylum25 Jan 191270PSB
100793EmmaHollisStorthes Hall Asylum4 May 191562PSB
25428224James HolmesStorthes Hall Asylum9 Aug 191757PSB
20[29]57450John EdwardHolmesStorthes Hall Asylum (Cleethorpes)15 Apr 191941PSB
16246367Rose AnnHolmesThurstonland27 Mar 190134JL
16Mary AnnHoltStorhes Hall Asylum19 May 191564PSB
89709Mary HelenHoltStorthes Hall Asylum29 May 191466PSB
863a56445Mary JaneHoltThurstonland Asylum Thurstonland21 Jan 190755AEJ
52410WilliamHoltStorthes Hall Asylum13 Feb 191962PSB
429BenjaminHopkinsStorhes Hall Asylum24 Jun 191577PSB
14105JohnHoustonStorthes Hall Asylum1 Apr 191665PSB
90716BrookHowardStorthes Hall Asylum3 Aug 191466PSB
34268Eliza HowardStorthes Hall Asylum1 Jan 191857PSB
99790WilliamHowardStorthes Hall Asylum29 Apr 191553PSB
17444348JohnHowleyStorthes Hall Asylum18 Jul 191830MMC
61481AnnHoylandOf Sheffield at Storthes Hall Asylum12 Nov 191957PSB
64511AnnieHoyleStorthes Hall Asylum26 May 191060AEJ
39311MarkHudsonStorthes Hall Asylum17 Apr 191866PSB
89705Rachel HannahHulleyStorthes Hall Asylum23 May 191430PSB
80633BridgetHurstStorthes Hall Asylum11 Mar 191375[60?]PSB
77614MaryHurstStorthes Hall Asylum17 Dec 191260WD
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86655437Ann IbbotsonStorthes Hall Asylum23 Jul 190645JL
8254425Ann InghamStorthes Hall Asylum (Halifax)11 Mar 191944PSB
317ElizabethIrwinStorhes Hall Asylum31 May 191574PSB
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[863]28219SolomonJaggerStorthes Hall Asylum21 Jul 191725AJL
56442John EdwardJamesonStorthes Hall Asylum1 Apr 191937PSB
67773583EllenJenkinsonStocksmoor29 Apr 191275PSB
75[8]62491Frank BoothJenkinsonThurstonland23 Aug 190960RP
67749391John GillJenkinsonThurstonland28 Nov 190228JL
88988881642LewisJenkinsonCross Lane Stocksmoor7 May 191310PSB
137a61481MelindaJenkinsonHawthorn Terr Thurstonland20 Mar 190973AEJ
67753424Ruth MJenkinsonThurstonland16 Nov 19053GHR
67790720WilliamJenkinsonThurstonland4 Sep 191474SBL
539Martha AnnJepsonStorhes Hall Asylum13 Jul 191547PSB
641Martha AnnJepsonStorhes Hall Asylum17 Jul 191547PSB
20613783662WilliamJepsonLascelles Hall Lepton16 Aug 19135FJL
70553CharlotteJessopStorthes Hall Asylum28 Aug 191174JHC
79632Thomas GreenerJessopStorthes Hall Asylum11 Mar 191375PSB
12152416Wilson JessopNo fixed abode25 May 190540JLFound hanged by Coroners Order. But stated by his sister to be 34 years.
86654431GeorgeJohnsonStorthes Hall Asylum7 Feb 190666JL
81647James JohnsonStorthes Hall Asylum30 May 191350FJL
18139John RichardJohnsonStorthes Hall Asylum26 Jul 191629HJV
33263TomJohnsonStorthes Hall Asylum13 Dec 191741PSB
98779Sarah AnnJoneStorthes Hall Asylum12 Apr 191531PSB
864Alice MaryJowittStorhes Hall Asylum13 Oct 191554PSB
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58462AllenKayeTop O'th Hill Thurstonland3 Aug 190872AEJ
11644346DorisKayeThe Village Thurstonland16 Jul 19181/6 th yearsPSB
63501Eliza KayeThurstonland14 Apr 192078PSB
49391Florence PhylissKayeHollow Gate Thurstonland7 Dec 191814PSB
81644FrederickKayeUpper Tanyard Thurstonland20 May 19134PSB
49387GeorgeKayeHollow Gate Thurstonland30 Nov 191817PSB
86458458JohnKayeStorthes Hall Asylum31 Mar 190835AEJ
58460WilliamKayeStorthes Hall Asylum30 May 191964PSB
13102Mary ElizabethKaye otherwise LoweStorthes Hall Asylum25 Mar 191645PSB
536WilliamKeelingStorhes Hall Asylum12 Jul 191580PSB
33262EllenKelkStorthes Hall Asylum7 Dec 191751PSB
34272MatthewKellyStorthes Hall Asylum14 Jan 191847WJM
55434Thomas KellyStorthes Hall Asylum20 Mar 191957WJM
53419GeorgeKennedyStorthes Hall Asylum4 Mar 191952PSB
70560James KennyStorthes Hall Asylum1 Nov 191128HD
26207ArthurKenworthyGreenside Thurstonland21 Jun 19172 ½ hrsPSB
40313LeonardKenworthyGreenside Thurstonland24 Apr 19188daysPSB
86554429George JamesKermpStorthes Hall Asylum23 Dec 190554JL
85673Florence KershawStorthes Hall Asylum29 Oct 191339PSB
29232Harry KershawStorthes Hall Asylum18 Sep 191736PSB
50397Henry GeorgeKiddStorthes Hall Asylum6 Jan 191937HVR
32249Thomas KidgellStorthes Hall Asylum6 Nov 191758PSB
752RichardKimptonStorhes Hall Asylum10 Aug 191578PSB
41325JaneKingStorthes Hall Asylum22 May 191861PSB
96763HerbertKingslandStorthes Hall Asylum10 Mar 191531PSB
48380GreenwoodKitchingStorthes Hall Asylum8 Nov 191836PSB
90717--KnowlesBank End Thurstonland10 Aug 19141hrNo service
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540WilliamLabanStorhes Hall Asylum15 Jul 191530PSB
873a58459James BinnsLancasterRose Cottage [ ........]16 Apr 190854AEJ
58356441John WilliamLancasterMoldgreen5 Dec 190665Room for no more
58352411MaryLancaster558 Abbeydale Rd Sheffield14 Feb 191974PSB
87251403Thomas AllenLancasterThurstonland29 Aug 190377JL
28223Albert Law Storthes Hall Asylum3 Aug 191730AJA
34271HelenLawrenceStorthes Hall Asylum10 Jan 191860PSB
46365JohnLawrenceStorthes Hall Asylum23 Sep 191855SBL
10130238GwendolinLawsonThe Village Thurstonland30 Sep 19172 mthPSB
100798AnnieLaycockStorthes Hall Asylum7 May 191558PSB
66523Grace EllenLeahyClough Thurdstonland3 Feb 19112yPSB
35277James LeaskStorthes Hall Asylum21 Jan 191851PSB
292222a50398Ben LeatherThurstonland21 Mar 190352JL
145a70554JoeLeatherUnion Workhouse Honley14 Sep 191166JWA
10684669Rueben Leather5 Lower Row Paddock26 Sep 191374PSB
6048382GeorgeLeeThurstonland20 Mar 190261JL
863a56443WalterLeeThurstonland Asylum Thurstonland8 Jan 190761AEJ
7452414WilliamLeeThurstonland8 Nov 190468JL
65516Yaxley MaryLeeGrange Thurstonland24 Oct 1910Still bornAEJ
51402Sarah AnnLentonStorthes Hall Asylum18 Jan 191941PSB
24192ArthurLewisStorthes Hall Asylum1 May 191737PSB
86259470James LewisStorthes Hall Asylum5 Feb 190945AEJ
80639MichaelLinskeyStorthes Hall Asylum30 Apr 191340WD
58457LawrenceLintonStorthes Hall Asylum16 May 191916PSB
54427Sarah JaneListerStorthes Hall Asylum13 Mar 191956PSB
53424JoeLiversedgeStorthes Hall Asylum6 Mar 191966PSB
70558Albert LiveseyStorthes Hall Asylum25 Oct 191141PSB
449387Ann LockwoodThurstonland11 Sep 190278FJL
9191722AllenLodgeCrosland Moor Workhouse11 Sep 191462SBL
OG46366HenryLodgeBerry Brow17 Mar 190180JL
70648380MaryLodgeBland St Lockwood22 Mar 190257JL
9192731Phoebe AnnLodgeStorthes Hall Asylum30 Nov 191453PSB
39306BridgetLoftusStorthes Hall Asylum5 Apr 191848MMC
86681ClaraLomaxStorthes Hall Asylum4 Dec 191360PSB
19845356William James LongHuddersfield( Storthes Hall Aslylum)17 Aug 191854PSB
89710EllenLongfieldStorthes Hall Asylum1 Jun 191434PSB
20154WilfredLongfordStorthes Hall Asylum7 Oct 191657PSB
86259472HenryLoyStorthes Hall Asylum23 Feb 190963AEJ
16564507James LoyStorthes Hall Asylum11 Jun 192066PSB
20159ElizabethLumbStorthes Hall Asylum7 Nov 191638PSB
42333Hannah MariaLumbStorthes Hall Asylum14 Jun 191859PSB
85679TeresaLumbStorthes Hall Asylum20 Nov 191350MMC
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53418Sarah MachinStorthes Hall Asylum4 Mar 191981PSB
19846364WalterMachinStorthes Hall Asylum6 Sep 1918[n/a]SBL
98783JohnMacreadieStorthes Hall Asylum16 Apr 191546PSB
26203JohannaMaherStorthes Hall Asylum15 Jun 191745HJV
55437Thomas MaherStorthes Hall Asylum24 Mar 191919MMC
16121Margaret MahoneyStorthes Hall Asylum23 May 191652MM
19944345William MakinMarchingtonSheffield16 Jul 191853PSB
59466Thomas MarkhamStorthes Hall Asylum27 Jun 191940PSB
74591EllenMarsdenStorthes Hall Asylum27 Jun 191276TMT
29225JohnMarsdenStorthes Hall Asylum10 Aug 191745PSB
40318ClaraMarshStorthes Hall Asylum30 Apr 191872PSB
431EmmaMarshStorhes Hall Asylum25 Jun 191569PSB
59470Caroline MarshallStorthes Hall Asylum22 Jul 191953DJD
60476EllenMarshallTop O' th Bank Thurstonland11 Sep 191977SBL
80640GeorgeMarshallStorthes Hall Asylum2 May 191357PSB
67536JerimiahMarshallThe Village Thurstonland10 May 191174PSB
25427210Mary AnnMarshallStorthes Hall Asylum26 Jun 191757PSB
646JohnMarslandStorhes Hall Asylum27 Jul 191575PSB
65518Arthur EdwardMartinStorthes Hall Asylum24 Dec 192061PSB
16552413Thomas MastersStorthes Hall Asylum (Sheffield)25 Feb 191960PSB
64511Eliza BarberMastinStorthes Hall Asylum2 Jul 192074PSB
39307Arthur MaudeStorthes Hall Asylum9 Apr 191837PSB
[816]62489William HenryMaudeStorthes Hall Asylum25 Jun 190957AEJ
968Sarah McCarthyStorthes Hall Asylum28 Oct 191549HJV
34467534Henry McCullochStorthes Hall Asylum1 May 191179JHC
57454HughMcDonaldStorthes Hall Asylum14 May 191967MMC
100794William EwartMcDonaldStorthes Hall Asylum4 May 191529PSB
863b59467Maria McDunnockStorthes Hall Asylum17 Dec 190855AEJ
72576EllenMcGregorStorthes Hall Asylum1 Mar 191267PSB
79568544Mary McGuinessStorthes Hall Asylum10 Jun 191159HD
76607ElizabethMcMullenStorthes Hall Asylum18 Oct 191255PSB
74588JohnMcNameeStorthes Hall Asylum31 May 191228WD
35275MichaelMcVayStorthes Hall Asylum17 Jan 191875WJM
36286EllenMeadStorthes Hall Asylum20 Feb 191844PSB
5594746GeorgeMearThurstonland23 Jan 191572PSB
77449388Harold PontefractMearFulstone23 Sep 19027 mthsFJL
70555JohnMearThurstonland21 Sep 191182PSB
72569MaryMearTop O' th Bank Thurstonland20 Dec 191178PSB
52a51404Matthew MearThurstonland3 Nov 190353JL
57456RebeccaMear11 Granville Terrace Hill Top Rd Paddock15 May 191948PSB
3050394SamuelMearThurstonland6 Jan 190378JL
5554430Sarah AnnMearThurstonland27 Dec 190531JL
25195James MearaStorthes Hall Asylum10 May 191757HJV
91726ElizabethMedleyStorthes Hall Asylum7 Oct 191468PSB
41327JohnMellingStorthes Hall Asylum23 May 191867PSB
19150AbrahamMellorStorthes Hall Asylum4 Oct 191676PSB
19151Charles MellorStorthes Hall Asylum4 Oct 191676PSB
9250397JohnMellorThurstonland12 Mar 190387JL
54432EmmaMilburnStorthes Hall Asylum15 Mar 191944PSB
57449ElizabethMillerStorthes Hall Asylum12 Apr 191947PSB
15116SamuelMilliganStorthes Hall Asylum29 Apr 191653HJV
52415William HewittMillsStorthes Hall Asylum1 Mar 191949PSB
48377ArthurMitchellStorthes Hall Asylum2 Nov 191828PSB
79569548Eliza MitchellStorthes Hall Asylum28 Jun 191150PSB
57452JaneMitchellStorthes Hall Asylum26 Apr 191967PSB
85962494Mary AnnMitchellStorthes Hall Asylum21 Nov 190977AEJ
27213JohnMooreStorthes Hall Asylum7 Jul 191763PSB
58457----MoorhouseTanyard Thurstonland1 Mar 1908Still bornAEJ
19146BenjaminMoorhouseBank Side Thurstonland5 Sep 191662PSB
86260475James MoorhouseStorthes Hall Asylum3 Mar 190981AEJ
86554425JohnMoorhouseStorthes Hall Asylum29 Nov 190562JL
64509John NewtonMoorhouseThurstonland9 Jun 192014PSB
20160Julia MoorhouseThurstonland20 Nov 191669PSB
644Martha BeatriceMoorhouseBank Top Thurstonland20 Jul 191530PSB
6653423MaryMoorhouseThurstonland5 Nov 190532JLFound drowned by Coroners Order
5960476Mary AnnMoorhouseThe Village Thurstonland4 Mar 190973AEJ
75594WillieMoorhouseThurstonland16 Jul 191232PSB
91725Elizabeth AnnMorganStorthes Hall Asylum1 Oct 191472PSB
89706Mary JaneMorrellStorthes Hall Asylum25 May 191443FJL
83663AdaMorrisonStorthes Hall Asylum27 Aug 191348SBL
213Catherine MortonStorhes Hall Asylum28 May 191550PSB
320Henry MortonStorhes Hall Asylum4 Jun 191555PSB
68973579Hannah MossHollow Gate Thurstonland18 Mar 191269PSB
21166JohnMossHollow Gate Thurstonland3 Jan 191779PSB
97769Maria MotleyStorthes Hall Asylum27 Mar 191566PSB
[83]83658MaryMuffStorthes Hall Asylum6 Aug 191341PSB
96765James MurphyStorthes Hall Asylum11 Mar 191543MMC
53423JohnMurphyStorthes Hall Asylum6 Mar 191952WJM
96762MargaretMyattStorthes Hall Asylum10 Mar 191526PSB
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62489Mary NavenStorthes Hall Asylum8 Jan 192069MMC
42332ElizabethNaylorWhitestones Stocksmoor10 Jun 191869PSB
62491EmilyNaylorStorthes Hall Asylum31 Jan 192046PSB
216GertrudeNaylorStorhes Hall Asylum31 May 191531PSB
63502Ruth AnnNaylorStorthes Hall Asylum8 May 192076PSB
30235James ArthurNeedhamStorthes Hall Asylum26 Sep 191740PSB
84665Andrew WinshillNicholsonStorthes Hall Asylum28 Aug 191352SBL
42336James ArthurNicholsonStorthes Hall Asylum26 Jun 191853PSB
65514Thomas NicholsonStorthes Hall Asylum4 Nov 192048PSB
31246SamuelNicklinStorthes Hall Asylum22 Oct 191763PSB
[116]62490JohnNobleThe Village Thurstonland25 Jun 190969AEJ
1187Mary Jane NobleTop O' the Bank Thurstonland9 Feb 191667PSB
21167Thomas NobleStorthes Hall Asylum6 Jan 191750PSB
64512AnnieNorrisStorthes Hall Asylum26 Aug 192055PSB
56446Frederick John HartleyNorthStorthes Hall Asylum9 Apr 191950PSB
36280Lucy JaneNorthStorthes Hall Asylum5 Feb 191842PSB
34467529James NuttallStorthes Hall Asylum11 Apr 191170PSB
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79669550BridgetO'ConnorStorthes Hall Asylum3 Aug 191150HD
884a25198HughO'ConnorStorthes Hall Asylum7 Jun 191737PSB
86553422James OatesStorthes Hall Asylum18 Oct 190562JL
642JosephOctonStorhes Hall Asylum20 Jul 191536PSB
94749Ann ElizabethOldhamStorthes Hall Asylum9 Feb 191561PSB
51405RobertOrmanbyStorthes Hall Asylum24 Jan 191957PSB
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46363SelinaPageStorthes Hall Asylum6 Sep 191855SBL
84168538JohnPaleyStorthes Hall Asylum16 May 191128PSB
59465HarryParamoreStorthes Hall Asylum24 Jun 191932PSB
63499ElizabethParkerStorthes Hall Asylum1 Apr 192027PSB
83659HarriettParkerStorthes Hall Asylum9 Aug 191378PSB
25196Catherine PattonStorthes Hall Asylum15 May 191728HJV
64505PatrickPaytonStorthes Hall Asylum16 Feb 191037SD
58461AlfredPeaceStorthes Hall Asylum30 May 191956PSB
198 & 25052414James PeaceStorthes Hall Asylum27 Feb 191935WJMSoldier
23183JosephPearceStorthes Hall Asylum22 Mar 191763PSB
76602HarryPearsonStorthes Hall Asylum1 Oct 191226PSB
50393Herbert PearsonStorthes Hall Asylum12 Dec 191846PSB
8256443FredPeatsfieldStorthes Hall Asylum1 Apr 191931PSBSoldier
74587Elizabeth AnnPeckettStorthes Hall Asylum27 May 191255PSB
33261WilliamPetersStorthes Hall Asylum30 Nov 191745PSB
31241Charles PettStorthes Hall Asylum11 Oct 191769PSB
19152GeorgePettStorthes Hall Asylum4 Oct 191669PSB
29229PollyPicklesStorthes Hall Asylum29 Aug 191751PSB
432Mary AnnPikeStorhes Hall Asylum29 Jun 191548JHC
25340317WilliamPinkeySouth Shields29 Apr 191838PSB
29Harriett PlattsStorhes Hall Asylum26 May 191542PSB
86685ElizabethPollardCross Lane Stocksmoor3 Jan 191475PSB
78622Alice WinifredPontefractStocksmoor Thurstonland14 Jan 19133yrsPSB
75957450Eliza PontefractThe Village Thurstonland19 Mar 190723AEJ
63497JohnPontefract19 Beech St Paddock31 Dec 190964NLG
760/61(vault)41322Maria AnniePontefract29 Stainmore St Leeds15 May 191861PSB
64505TamarPontefractInghead Farm Thurstonland3 Jun 192081PSB
760[80]49389Thomas Henry PontefractIng Head Thurstonland12 Nov 190267JL
759(vault)40320William HenryPontefractThurstonland4 May 191843PSB
27216FrankPowellStorthes Hall Asylum20 Jul 191724AJA
74586SquirePriest Thurstonland Village25 May 191267PSB
11460477Lydia PriestleyBlake House10 Mar 190965AEJ
39309BarbaraPringleStorthes Hall Asylum11 Apr 191867PSB
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29231Thomas QuinnStorthes Hall Asylum6 Sep 191760HJV
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80636Charlotte ElizabethRadcliffeStorthes Hall Asylum16 Apr 191334PSB
164(private grave)39305ArthurRamsbottomStorthes Hall Asylum2 Apr 191859PSBAttendant
61486Mary AnnRamsdenStorthes Hall Asylum31 Dec 191968PSB
60479Henry RearStorthes Hall Asylum7 Nov 191965PSB
32255WilliamReayStorthes Hall Asylum17 Nov 191761PSB
10220155William James GeorgeReedGreenside Thurstonland15 Oct 191641PSB
60477JohnReganStorthes Hall Asylum6 Oct 191960MMC
1397JuliaRegentStorthes Hall Asylum13 Mar 191691PSB
57451Albert ReynoldsThe Asylum Storths Hall1 Jun 190741AEJ
67430AdaRhodesThurstonland24 Jun 191555PSB
78619Ada RRhodesThe Village Thurstonland4 Jan 19133 mthsPSB
64508GeorgeRhodesStorthes Hall Asylum4 Apr 191082AEJ
21168JaneRhodesStorthes Hall Asylum11 Jan 191717HJV
6782655OliverRhodesThurstonland31 Jul 191355PSB
753Caroline RichardsonStorhes Hall Asylum11 Aug 191573PSB
55435JabezRichardsonStorthes Hall Asylum20 Mar 191962PSB
80635JohnRichardsonStorthes Hall Asylum12 Apr 191343PSB
58462Laura RichardsonStorthes Hall Asylum3 Jun 191949PSB
86655436Thomas RichardsonStorthes Hall Asylum25 Jun 190642JL
48378NellieRichmondStorthes Hall Asylum6 Nov 191825PSB
53420Mary RigbyStorthes Hall Asylum4 Mar 191932PSB
648GeorgeRileyStorhes Hall Asylum2 Aug 191557PSB
23179James RobertsStorthes Hall Asylum14 Feb 191762PSB
39308SusannahRobertsStorthes Hall Asylum10 Apr 191863PSB
25341324Robina MargaretRobertsonStorthes Hall Asylum22 May 191823PSB
33259Ruth EmilyRobinsonStorthes Hall Asylum27 Nov 191751PSB
17222174AdaRodgersStorthes Hall Asylum25 Jan 191747PSB
19848384ElizabethRodgersStorthes Hall Asylum22 Nov 191867WJM
66069545Sarah HannahRodgersBlue Bell Hill Almondbury13 Jun 191166PSB
79569546HerbertRoebuckStorthes Hall Asylum14 Jun 191152FJL
32252Samuel JohnRogersStorthes Hall Asylum8 Nov 191763PSB
71563GraceRollinsonStorthes Hall Asylum20 Nov 191144PSB
36283Sarah AnnRotheraStorthes Hall Asylum11 Feb 191854PSB
65514ElizabethRounceStorthes Hall Asylum5 Sep 191062AEJ
11852410BenjaminRowbottomThurstonland20 Jun 190482JL
16916122ErnestRudmanStorthes Hall Asylum29 May 191631PSB
16122Ernest RudmanStorthes Hall Asylum29 May 191631PSB
87693HannahRusbyStorthes Hall Asylum11 Feb 191478PSB
750Jennei HainesRushtonStorhes Hall Asylum4 Aug 191540PSB
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70557AlfredSalfStorthes Hall Asylum23 Sep 191166PSB
24188AnnieSandersonStorthes Hall Asylum18 Apr 191726PSB
52416WilliamSandersonStorthes Hall Asylum1 Mar 191949PSB
14110John TatesSavilleStorthes Hall Asylum21 Apr 191671PSB
25830237AnnieScalesStorthes Hall Asylum28 Sep 191732PSB
18138Peter Lennox alias PatScanlonStorthes Hall Asylum20 Jul 191647HJV
22171JosiahSchofieldStorthes Hall Asylum24 Jan 191739PSB
65519MarySchofieldStorthes Hall Asylum30 Dec 191054PSB
7749390Sarah OwenSchofieldThurstonland24 Nov 190228JL
63501SelinaSchofieldThe Village Thurstonland1 Feb 191065AEJ
99786FannyScorahStorthes Hall Asylum22 Apr 191568PSB
8367533EllenScottStorthes Hall Asylum29 Apr 191154PSB
31247Martha ElizabethSearleStorthes Hall Asylum31 Oct 191778PSB
18142James SeddonStorthes Hall Asylum22 Aug 191661PSB
25336282John SellarsStorthes Hall Asylum8 Feb 191839PSB
86061484Fanny SeniorStorthes Hall Asylum14 May 190976AEJ
77616Eliza AnnShackletonStorthes Hall Asylum24 Dec 191225PSB
40315EmmaSharpStorthes Hall Asylum25 Apr 191883PSB
427AliceShawStorhes Hall Asylum23 Jun 191542PSB
72575Ann ShawStorthes Hall Asylum16 Feb 191282PSB
75593ClaraShawStorthes Hall Asylum16 Jul 191232WD
18948381WilliamShawStocksmoor22 Mar 190286JL
47369EmilySheardStorthes Hall Asylum2 Oct 191871PSB
49385John ArthurSimperStorthes Hall Asylum29 Nov 191855PSB
8792730Charles SimpsonStorthes Hall Asylum18 Nov 191466PSB
86554428HenrySkeenStorthes Hall Asylum20 Dec 190540JL
428EmilySkeltonStorhes Hall Asylum24 Jun 191547PSB
22175PollySkeltonStorthes Hall Asylum31 Jan 191739PSB
43343JohnSlackStorthes Hall Asylum12 Jul 191864PSB
15118JosephSmethurstStorthes Hall Asylum12 May 191660PSB
51401AlanSmithStorthes Hall Asylum18 Jan 191951PSB
Common grave 81826201Albert SmithStorthes Hall Asylum12 Jun 191740PSB
34269AliceSmithStorthes Hall Asylum2 Jan 191839PSB
41328BridgetSmithStorthes Hall Asylum30 May 191852MMC
18140ChristineSmithStorthes Hall Asylum11 Aug 191635PSB
25342335David ThorntonSmithStorthes Hall Asylum22 Jun 191873PSB
965EmmaSmithStorthes Hall Asylum14 Oct 191558PSB
17131Harriett SmithDalton23 Jun 191686PSB
64510HenrySmithStorthes Hall Asylum16 May 191030AEJ
13100HerbertSmithStorthes Hall Asylum16 Mar 191629PSB
91723JohnSmithStorthes Hall Asylum19 Sep 191466MMC
97775John RentonSmithStorthes Hall Asylum8 Apr 191560PSB
76605JosephSmithStorthes Hall Asylum12 Oct 191234WD
538RichardSmithStorhes Hall Asylum12 Jul 191574HJV
211Sarah ElizabethSmithStorhes Hall Asylum27 May 191544PSB
63503William FarahSmithStorthes Hall Asylum10 May 192062PSB
65515SelinaSmithiesStorthes Hall Asylum12 Nov 192048PSB
24957453JuliaSmurfittStorthes Hall Asylum13 May 191971PSB
97772MarySowersStorthes Hall Asylum3 Apr 191555PSB
73581Mary EvelynSparrowTop O' th Bank Thurstonland6 Apr 191210PSB
25426202JoanSpencerStorthes Hall Asylum14 Jun 1917PSB
82652MarySpencerStorthes Hall Asylum7 Jul 191393MMC
71566SarahSpencerStorthes Hall Asylum4 Dec 191139FJL
31248SusannahSpencerStorthes Hall Asylum1 Nov 191772PSB
99785AlfredSpiveyStorthes Hall Asylum22 Apr 191549PSB
30239GeorgeSquireStorthes Hall Asylum3 Oct 191759PSB
16125Mary AnnStaleyStorthes Hall Asylum1 Jun 191641PSB
86259471aJerimiahStancliffeStorthes Hall Asylum20 Feb 1909576AEJDuplicate of 59/474 on 23 2 1909
45360HannahStansfieldStorthes Hall Asylum29 Aug 191869PSB
47375Hannah MariaStansfieldStorthes Hall Asylum31 Oct 191866PSB
1078Mary StansfieldStorthes Hall Asylum20 Dec 191565PSB
859AnnieStarkeyStorhes Hall Asylum8 Sep 191551PSB
79569547MarySteeleStorthes Hall Asylum23 Jun 191156PSB
71561Eliza FrancesStephensonShepley8 Nov 191161PSB
39310FannyStephensonStorthes Hall Asylum17 Apr 191856PSB
35+361293GeorgeStephensonTop o'th Hill Thurstonland29 Feb 191692PSB
10447374Henry HaighStephensonShepley10 Dec 190149JLThrown out of cab – killed.
2352412Thomas StephensonBank Field Linthwaite24 Sep 190491JL
40319FannySternfieldStorthes Hall Asylum30 Apr 191843PSB
83868542James StewartStorthes Hall Asylum2 Jun 191165PSB
45353AnnieStimpsonStorthes Hall Asylum5 Aug 191843AJA
64512FrederickStirkStorthes Hall Asylum31 May 191037AEJ
61485AllenStocksCross Lane Stocksmoor11 Dec 191967PSB
82656Thomas EdwardStockwellStorthes Hall Asylum2 Aug 191352PSB
99788WilliamStokoeStorthes Hall Asylum24 Apr 191563PSB
25194GeorgeStoneStorthes Hall Asylum4 May 191737PSB
75598Florence HannahStottStorthes Hall Asylum12 Sep 191251PSB
73578KateStradlingStorthes Hall Asylum11 Mar 191255WD
96768Charles SuffolkStorthes Hall Asylum27 Mar 191547PSB
37289Sarah SunderlandStorthes Hall Asylum25 Feb 191862PSB
73584TabithaSutcliffeStorthes Hall Asylum11 May 191260PSB
87695JohnSwallowThe Village Thurstonland9 Mar 191464PSB
15047369Mary AnnSwallowStocksmoor25 Apr 190147JL
6560473James SwiftEdge End Thornhill23 Feb 190978FJL
82653JohnSwiftStorthes Hall Asylum19 Jul 191368PSB
98781WillieSwiftStorthes Hall Asylum16 Apr 191556PSB
50398Henry SwindinStorthes Hall Asylum10 Jan 191936PSB
79629AlfredSykesStorthes Hall Asylum22 Feb 191362PSB
62492FieldsSykesStorthes Hall Asylum5 Feb 192060PSB
25199OliverSykesStorthes Hall Asylum8 Jun 191754ALL
83657SarahSykesStorthes Hall Asylum6 Aug 191370PSB
20158ElizabethSylvestorStorthes Hall Asylum31 Oct 191629HJV
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77612MaryTanseyStorthes Hall Asylum5 Dec 191277WD
40314AnthonyTarpyStorthes Hall Asylum25 Apr 191843MJM
100797Robert CrawfordTateStorthes Hall Asylum6 May 191555PSB
318Alfred AmosTathamStorhes Hall Asylum1 Jun 191524PSB
14946368KeziaTaylorThurstonland17 Apr 190143JL
25129227WilliamTaylorStorthes Hall Asylum29 Aug 191743PSBA soldier RIP
84668WilliamTealStorthes Hall Asylum15 Sep 191366SBL
100800MaryTheakerStorthes Hall Asylum10 May 191565PSB
29050393EmmaThewlisThurstonland17 Dec 190251JL
29054426WimpennyThewlisThurstonland12 Dec 190556JL
426ByronThompsonStorhes Hall Asylum18 Jun 191543PSB
74592JohnThompsonStorthes Hall Asylum10 Jul 191271PSB
858LouisaThompsonStorhes Hall Asylum28 Aug 191582SBL
90718MargaretThompsonStorthes Hall Asylum26 Aug 191448SBL
17RuebenThompsonStorhes Hall Asylum19 May 191516PSB
94752WilliamThompsonStorthes Hall Asylum15 Feb 191555PSB
25342330JaneThornbarrowStorthes Hall Asylum6 Jun 191845PSB
64506Thomas ThorntonStorthes Hall Asylum9 Mar 191060AEJ
38298Nellie RhodaThurgoodStorthes Hall Asylum13 Mar 191833PSB
1399ElizabethThwaiteStorthes Hall Asylum15 Mar 191671HJV
15247373William HenryTiddStation House Stocksmoor20 Nov 190152JL
22863500MaudeTinkerMarsh Hall10 Apr 192035PSB
10653418SarahTinkerThurstonland2 May 190555GHR
22173JohnTobinStorthes Hall Asylum25 Jan 191760HJV
1184ClaraTownendStorthes Hall Asylum26 Jan 191650PSB
79627HannahTurnerStorthes Hall Asylum15 Feb 191335PSB
Near top wall55435NormanTurnerThurstonland4 Jun 19066 wksJLBy Coroners Order
395a26205SarahTurnerSilver Ings Farm Emley Wakefield19 Jun 191791PSB
214Esther MaryTurtonStorhes Hall Asylum29 May 191565PSB
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25733260CatherineUnwinStorthes Hall Asylum28 Nov 191755PSB
323EmmaUtleyStorhes Hall Asylum10 Jun 191560PSB
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64509Thomas WilliamVansStorthes Hall Asylum9 May 191021AEJ
91721Herbert GladstoneVarleyStorthes Hall Asylum5 Sep 191428SBL
65516Mary VauseStorthes Hall Asylum30 Nov 192058PSB
100799Francis VincentVerminskiStorthes Hall Asylum7 May 191565PSB
84168540Mary AnnVickermanStorthes Hall Asylum31 May 191159PSB
25731245ElizabethVineStorthes Hall Asylum20 Oct 191740PSB
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76604HannahWadsworthStorthes Hall Asylum10 Oct 191261PSB
95758Thomas StantonWakefieldStorthes Hall Asylum25 Feb 191560PSB
22176AnnieWalkerStorthes Hall Asylum3 Feb 191765HJV
25829230AnnieWalkerStorthes Hall Asylum5 Sep 191757PSB
54431Annie ElizabethWalkerStorthes Hall Asylum15 Mar 191943PSB
23178Edney PaorWalkerStorthes Hall Asylum9 Feb 191758PSB
38302Elizabeth HannahWalkerStorthes Hall Asylum22 Mar 191858PSB
35279LillieWalkerStorthes Hall Asylum25 Jan 191833PSB
643Mary AnnWalkerStorhes Hall Asylum20 Jul 191540PSB
84666RoshabinaWalkerStorthes Hall Asylum2 Sep 191370FJL
45359Florence EmmaWallaceStorthes Hall Asylum19 Aug 191835PSB
76608GeorgeWallaceStorthes Hall Asylum19 Oct 191224PSB
15120Annie PattonWallbankStorthes Hall Asylum23 May 191655PSB
14112JohnWallbankStorthes Hall Asylum22 Apr 191670PSB
24958459MichaelWalshStorthes Hall Asylum29 May 191938MJM
50396Alice GertrudeWalton26 Feb 190312 daysJL
2871568ElizabethWaltonTop O' th Bank Thurstonland11 Dec 191178PSB
Childs grave56448FrankWaltonThurstonland Bank1 Mar 19072AEJ
[1/2]9758464LewisWaltonTop o'th Hill Thurstonland9 Jun 191920PSB
Nr Bdy wall West51408LillianWaltonThurstonland4 Mar 19047 hrsJL
48382ElizabethWardStorthes Hall Asylum16 Nov 191851PSB
749FannyWardStorhes Hall Asylum4 Aug 191550PSB
29228MatthewWardStorthes Hall Asylum28 Aug 191771PSB
100796MarthaWarmbyStorthes Hall Asylum4 May 191574PSB
87692Peter WarmeshawStorthes Hall Asylum5 Feb 191492PSB
90713James WarnerStorthes Hall Asylum24 Jun 191435PSB
72571SarahWarnerStorthes Hall Asylum5 Jan 191271HD
17136George WalterWarrinerStorthes Hall Asylum17 Jul 191634PSB
38297Henry WatsonStorthes Hall Asylum13 Mar 191844PSB
95759SarahWeathersonStorthes Hall Asylum27 Feb 191564PSB
88704Maria WebbStorthes Hall Asylum18 May 191464PSB
73582Ann WebsterStorthes Hall Asylum13 Apr 191261PSB
7355434JosephWebsterRavensknowle Thurstonland10 May 190665JL
7357453Mary AnnWebsterThe Clough Thurstonland30 Aug 190771AEJ
52409RufusWebsterStorthes Hall Asylum13 Feb 191926PSB
8992734MargaretWeldonStorthes Hall Asylum14 Dec 191459MMC
41326Harriett WellsStorthes Hall Asylum22 May 191853PSB
87691JanetWestwaterStorthes Hall Asylum4 Feb 191480PSB
20157AnnieWhaleyStorthes Hall Asylum31 Oct 191680PSB
16821164ElizabethWhitbreadStorthes Hall Asylum22 Dec 191655PSB
97770AnnieWhiteStorthes Hall Asylum31 Mar 191557PSB
65521Charles WhiteStorthes Hall Asylum10 Jan 191138PSB
16914109Charles WhiteStorthes Hall Asylum20 Apr 191626PSB
87690Emma JaneWhiteStorthes Hall Asylum31 Jan 191459PSB
20[29]52415MaryWhiteThurstonland23 May 190586JLBy Coroners Order
38299KatieWhite Storthes Hall Asylum16 Mar 191856PSB
44350RobertWhite Storthes Hall Asylum24 Jul 191859PSB
46366Albert WhiteheadStorthes Hall Asylum23 Sep 191844SBL
20153Arthur ErnestWhiteheadStorthes Hall Asylum5 Oct 191624PSB
324Eliza WhiteheadStorhes Hall Asylum12 Jun 191552PSB
967Mary EllenWhiteheadStorthes Hall Asylum20 Oct 191571PSB
23181LewisWhiteleyStorthes Hall Asylum17 Mar 191741PSB
34366526SamuelWhitleyStorthes Hall Asylum22 Mar 191162PSB
61487Mary WhybrewStorthes Hall Asylum31 Dec 191970PSB
8892733ElizabethWigglesworthStorthes Hall Asylum5 Dec 191459PSB
16128JohnWigglesworthStorthes Hall Asylum16 Jun 191661PSB
99787Mary AnnWildStorthes Hall Asylum24 Apr 191564PSB
47373WilliamWillettStorthes Hall Asylum24 Oct 191831PSB
PS8791724Herbert WilleyStorthes Hall Asylum30 Sep 191439PSB
857JohnWilliamsStorhes Hall Asylum26 Aug 191574SBL
54430WilliamWilliamsStorthes Hall Asylum15 Mar 191951PSB
21161BetsyWilliamsonStorthes Hall Asylum29 Nov 191628PSB
33258JessieWillowsStorthes Hall Asylum20 Nov 191745PSB
13JaneWilmanStorhes Hall Asylum17 May 191577PSB
87689AnastasiaWilsonStorthes Hall Asylum15 Jan 191473CMG
89707ArthurWilsonStorthes Hall Asylum28 May 191452PSB
56441WilliamWilsonStorthes Hall Asylum25 Mar 191963PSB
210George LeslieWimpennyStorhes Hall Asylum27 May 191525PSB
862LouisaWomackStorhes Hall Asylum22 Sep 191555PSB
85961487Ann WoodStorthes Hall Asylum4 Jun 190963AEJ
8256448ArthurWoodStorthes Hall Asylum12 Apr 191940PSBSoldier
63504Ben WoodStorthes Hall Asylum12 May 192066PSB
15461488EmilyWoodBank End Thurstonland5 Jan 192052AJA
17443339JohnWoodStorthes Hall Asylum3 Jul 191866PSB
57455LilyWoodTowngate Thurstonland24 Sep 190733FJL
12160480WilliamWoodStorthes Hall Asylum22 Mar 190969AEJ
53420Dora EmmaWood Thurstonland13 Sep 190516JL
17130GeorgeWood Storthes Hall Asylum22 Jun 191668PSB
18137James Wood Storthes Hall Asylum18 Jul 191646PSB
54432Laurence EdwardWood Thurstonland21 Feb 19062 daysjJL
27211Catherine WoodheadStorthes Hall Asylum28 Jun 191758HJV
94745James WoodhouseStorthes Hall Asylum13 Jan 191573PSB
85675James ScottWoodhouseStorthes Hall Asylum6 Nov 191370PSB
93741ElizabethWoollenStorthes Hall Asylum11 Jan 191569PSB
85676BenjaminWrayStorthes Hall Asylum7 Nov 191383PSB
59471Frances WrightStorthes Hall Asylum2 Aug 191947AJA
212RebeccaWrightStorhes Hall Asylum27 May 191535PSB
15113JohnWyattStorthes Hall Asylum27 Apr 191664PSB
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85677Peter YeomanStorthes Hall Asylum15 Nov 191363PSB
34366524AvisYoungStorthes Hall Asylum10 Mar 191122PSB
14107Catherine YoungStorthes Hall Asylum13 Apr 191635HJV
85678JohnYoungStorthes Hall Asylum17 Nov 191364MMC
88703Mary StephensonYoungStorthes Hall Asylum11 May 191423PSB
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